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The Bridgeway Trust is an unmarked location in the Fens neighborhood of Boston in 2287. It is located on the block just south of Back Street Apparel.


This busy, modern, and well-funded bank[Non-canon 1] was being robbed on Saturday, October 23, 2077. On that morning, two masked gunmen stormed the building, killing the patrons and employees where they were. In the scuffle, they destroyed the Protectron; however, in the fighting, the explosives they were going to use to open the new vault[Non-canon 1] went off, killing them. In the ensuing chaos of the Great War this location was abandoned and forgotten.


The location consists of a medium-sized bank located directly south of Back Street Apparel. There is a Master-locked terminal that controls the vault door. The vault contains fifteen safes from Novice to Master difficulty and an unlocked safe under a shelf, four gold bars, and numerous stacks of pre-War money.

Notable loot


  • The door to the vault is mounted backward, leaving the locking bolts exposed.
  • All the content of the vault will eventually respawn.


The Bridgeway Trust appears only in Fallout 4.




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    Enter this bank and have a go at hacking the safe room door (Master). It isn’t easy, but once you’ve used the terminal to open the security door, you can ransack a new kind of vault. Aside from the gold bars, the following wall safes are accessible (along with the number of safes of each type):
    * Wall Safe (Open): 1
    * Wall Safe (Novice): 5
    * Wall Safe (Advanced): 5
    * Wall Safe (Expert): 3
    * Wall Safe (Master): 2
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