Bridge club recording is a holotape in Fallout 76.


It can be found in the Whitespring station, on a table, found during Collect and hold Whitespring holotapes.



Henrietta Winchester: Tannin! Another scotch.

RobotProtectron: Ma'am.

Dorothy Orris: What about you, Liz? Have you made up your mind yet?

Elizabeth White: Oh, Bill's keen on Charleston. We were social with the Governor. I'm sure he'd make arrangements for us.

Sophia Hollingsworth: Evans? That snake?

Dorothy Orris: He always was for sale. Not a terrible thing, if you're the buyer.

Henrietta Winchester: Can you imagine, parading into town like a troupe of beggars?

And Charleston, no less! It always was a slum. Now? With refugees swarming like flies? Ugh.

No, the resorts are the better option. If The Whitespring won't have us, we should try Pleasant Valley. Even Sunnytop.

Elizabeth White: Sunnytop? Really?

Henrietta Winchester: I'm not there for the skiing. Or the clientele.

But I'd rather stay at a shoddy lodge than take my chances with... whatever might be going on down in the valley.

RobotProtectron: Ma'am.

Henrietta Winchester: Just set it down. Now, let's finish this rubber. Dollar a point?

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