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Brick's the name, and I call this fine looking roomsweeper Eugene.

Brick is the heavy weapons specialist in the Reilly's Rangers mercenary group in Fallout 3.


Born around 2253, the 24 year old Brick was hired by Reilly as a heavy weapons specialist. Together with her minigun, Eugene, the muscle-bound gunner[Non-game 1] is considered an outstanding asset for the Rangers, combining a zeal for destruction with reliability and calmness under fire. She lacks patience for mission planning and debriefings, but remains fiercely loyal to the group, and Reilly considers her to be the go-to person in case of problems. Brick's contract specifies 50 caps per mission, and her service record resulted in five merits and one demerit by the time of the ill-fated Vernon Square deployment.[1]

Brick gets along fine with most of the Rangers. She sees them as eggheads, with more skill in sciences and such, than combat, which is fine by her. She just points, shoots, and makes anything that gets in the Rangers' way die.[2] Donovan is the only exception to the rule: the two get into bitter fights and Reilly is annoyed by the constant need to intervene, before they go down to blows.[3] She also hates Talon Company mercenaries, and this leads to altercations. Sometimes, Reilly is able to hold Brick back and prevent a bloodbath, such as when a Talon spat on Brick's boots once.[4] When she is not present, though, Brick can easily escalate tensions to Eugene levels: at the beginning of the mapping project, the Rangers ran into Talon Company mercenaries at the Capitol Building, and a fight erupted. Reilly only realized what was happening when she heard Eugene spin up.[5]

Brick has a peculiar relationship with Eugene, or rather, Euegenes, as she has multiple miniguns sharing the same name.[6] She is extremely fond of its firepower, and considers no problem too great that a few hundred rounds of 5mm ammunition cannot solve.[7] She delights in the destruction Eugene brings, freely sharing it with anyone who needs help,[8] and is the only Ranger to love deployments to Vernon Square, as it provides plenty of targets to turn into a fine red mist together with Eugene.[9] She is not even particularly bothered by being stuck on the roof of the Statesman Hotel, since Eugene gets plenty of exercise.[10] She is aware that all fun has to end sometime and would really like to get off the roof.[11]

While Brick might be suffering from some form of personality disorder, it is equally possible that she simply enjoys the gore and destruction, and plays it up. If asked about whether she is "certifiably insane," she is quick to joke that she killed the last person who said that, and asks Eugene for an opinion.[12] Anyone expressing reservation is treated to gushing over the violence Brick and Eugene's partnership unleash: she finds targets, and it vaporizes them.[13]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

25 Strictly Business
This character is a temporary companion.
FO76 ui icon quest
This character is involved in quests.


  • Reilly's Rangers: Brick is one of Reilly's Rangers stuck on top of the Statesman Hotel.
    • One of the Eugenes is a quest reward, with the alternative being the Ranger battle armor. If the player chooses the armor, they can pickpocket Brick's own minigun or kill Brick for it. Of course, if she dies during the retreat from the hotel, her body can be looted for Eugene as well.
    • After the quest, she will offer to assist the player in combat whenever "they are in the neighborhood," but the Rangers do not leave the compound. She does mention that once the Lone Wanderer joins, Reilly is back to her old self and they are running ops again.[14][15]


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Ranger battle armor Eugene
10mm pistol*
* If she is not provided with ammo during the quest.

Notable quotes[]


Brick appears in Fallout 3 and Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.

Behind the scenes[]

The game guide gives Brick's age as 32,[Non-game 1] indicating she was originally eight years older. Her age is unambiguously given as 24 in the game, on Reilly's terminal.[1]



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