Brian Freyermuth was one of the original designers of Fallout, back when the game was still meant to be a sequel to Wasteland. Among other things, he was responsible for many of the quests and characters from places like the Necropolis, Shady Sands, the Boneyard, the Glow and the Hub. He wrote first drafts for most of the talking head characters, including Harold (his favorite). Together with Scott Campbell he wrote the earliest version of the Fallout timeline.

He also has two published novels, "Demon Dance" and "Mind of the Beast", both of which can be found on Amazon.

Employment history

2014PresentTelltale GamesNarrative Designer
20112013Disney Interactive\Junction PointSenior Story Designer
20092011THQSenior Combat Designer
20092009Incinerator StudiosSenior Game Designer
20062009THQSenior Designer
20042006Midway\Surreal SoftwareSenior Designer
19942004Interplay EntertainmentLead Designer


Fallout series

YearTitleCredited as/for
2004Fallout: Brotherhood of SteelLevel Designer
CanceledFallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2Lead Designer


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