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This is a transcript for dialogue with Brian Fitzgerald.


1ConvCovenantGenericBrian01_0100061FD1GenericNPC_One: That Dan fella is causing problems.{Reassuring, said louder (he knows he might be overheard)} Now you know the rules, he passed the test. He's welcome to stay.GenericNPC_One: He keeps pestering Mae Belle. Insinuating... things.A1a
200061FCFGenericNPC_One: He keeps pestering Mae Belle. Insinuating... things.{Party line} A man's got a right to talk his piece. Now if he was threatening her or something, that's different.GenericNPC_One: No, it was not like that.A1a
300061FCDGenericNPC_One: No, it was not like that.{Reassuring} I got my eye on him. Don't worry.GenericNPC_One: Well, it's more than just me, Mr. Fitzgerald. He's making people uncomfortable.A1a
400061FCBGenericNPC_One: Well, it's more than just me, Mr. Fitzgerald. He's making people uncomfortable.{Trying to reach a compromise, a little uncomfortable} Well... Maybe I might let it be known there's greener pastures out there. But that don't change he can stay on if he likes.GenericNPC_One: Hopefully he takes that to heart.A1a


5-000C459F{Angry, will lead to violence} Out. Now.
6000C459E{Angry} That's stealing!
7000890B6{Comfortable with the player, a friend} Stay as long as you like, friend. You're practically family now.
8{Chuckling over a previous misunderstanding with a friend} All your poking around. You had me worried there.
9{Confiding} The more people that come through, the better the test gets.
10{Cautious} Another newcomer. Welcome.
11{A friendly warning} We don't tolerate violence. Or vulgarity. Stay clear of those, and we'll get along just fine.
12{Chit-chat from law man} People that break our rules are asked to leave. Rarely happens, though.
13{Folksy, but a hint of steel beneath it all} We get along just swell with passers-by. Like I always say, give someone a free meal, a safe place to bunk up, and some civility and they'll be all Ps and Qs in no time.
14{Said with a touch of warning, mostly friendly} Been a long time since we've really had trouble in town.
15{Disappointed, grudging at the end} Although that Honest Dan... Well, he abides by the rules, I suppose.
16{Friendly - but he's watching you} You have a peaceful stay in our little town.


17MS17_212a_BrianAboutRadio000E926A{Muttering to himself, annoyed} Busted again? That's the third radio this month. Ted better get on this pronto.A1a
18MS17_212b_BrianRadioReaction000EEC3E{Obviously trying to cover up a massive mistake / Nervous} Woah there. That's not what I wanted to listen to. Pay it no mind, stranger.A1a