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Brewing stations are constructible workshop objects and crafting stations in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wild Appalachia update.


The brewing station can be used to create various alcoholic beverages after their recipes have been learned. While some beverages are ready to drink immediately after brewing, some require fermentation over time to achieve their full potency. This process can be sped up by storing them in a fermenter.


Copper (12)
Glass (3)
Screw (4)
Steel (4)
Build at:
Learn Method:
Known by default
Brewing station (1)

Craftable recipes

Name Effects Components Fermentation Form ID
Appalachampagne Cut content No 0045C4A1
Ballistic Bock Improves ballistic weapon damage by 15% but increases the condition cost by 15% for 5 minutes. Yes 00469842
Beer +1 STR
+1 CHR
-1 INT
Yes 0011EA93
Blackwater Brew +1 STR
+1 CHR
-1 INT
Yes 003B5FC9
Bourbon +1 STR
+1 END
-1 INT
Yes 000366C4
Cranberry moonshine +1 CHR
+1 STR
-1 INT
+25 Max HP
Yes 0016A13C
Firecracker whiskey Fallout 76 unused content
  • Fresh: Melee attacks trigger self immolation, taking and dealing damage. Ages into Vintage Firecracker Whiskey.
  • Vintage: Ballistic and melee attacks deal fire DMG. Melee attacks trigger self immolation.
Yes 00469852
Firecracker whiskey Manhattan Fallout 76 unused content No 003EC2C1
Firecracker whiskey old fashioned Fallout 76 unused content No 003EC2C4
High Voltage Hefe Improves energy weapon damage by 15%, but increases the condition cost 15% for 5 minutes. Yes 00454123
Hoppy Hunter IPA Increased scope stability and damage versus animals reduced VATS accuracy Yes 00454128
Lead champagne +3 Fall Speed
+15 Damage Resistance
+100 Rad Resistance
Yes 003EC2BD
Lead champagne Bellini +3 Fall Speed
+15 Damage Resistance
No 003EC2BC
Lead champagne Mimosa +3 Fall Speed
+100 Radiation Resistance
No 003EC2BC
Hard lemonade No 0045DAC2
Liquid Courage +1 STR
+1 LCK
-1 CHR
-1 AGI
Immune to Uncontrollable Fear
Yes 00057AE2
Mountain honey moonshine +1 STR
+1 CHR
-1 INT
+25 Max HP
Yes 000070A0
New River Red Ale +1 STR
+1 CHR
-1 INT
Yes 003F3053
Nuka-Cola Dark +1 STR
+1 END
-1 PER
Yes 003F3053
Nukashine +30 Rads
+50% AP regen
+100% unarmed damage (vintage only)
+25% fall speed
-80% sprint AP cost
Chance for blackouts
-1 STR/END/AGI for 20s after blackout
Yes 0047BC14
Oak Holler Lager +1 STR
+1 CHR
-1 INT
Yes 0046F4F7
Old Possum +1 STR
+1 CHR
-1 INT
Yes 0046F4F8
Pickaxe Pilsner +1 STR
+1 CHR
-1 INT
Yes 0046F4F9
Rad Ant Lager +50 Carry Weight Yes 003EC3DF
Rum +1 STR
+1 AGI
-1 INT
Yes 0046F4F2
Tick blood tequila
  • Fresh: Melee attacks replenish hunger but may infect you with a disease.
  • Vintage: Melee attacks restore health and replenish hunger but may infect you with a disease.
Yes 003EC2C8
Tick blood Tequila Margarita Melee attacks restore health but may infect you with a disease. No 003EC2C7
Tick blood Tequila Sunrise Melee attacks replenish hunger but may infect you with a disease No 003EC2C8
Vodka +25 Max HP
+1 STR
-1 INT
Yes 0046F4EF
Whiskey +2 STR
-1 INT
Yes 0046F4F3
White Russian Reduces limb damage by 20% No 003F5C4D
Wine +15 Action Points
+1 STR
-1 INT
Yes 003F5C4D