Rosalind is as smart as she is beautiful. Just wish I could get her to notice me.

Brendan Volkert is a scientist in the BioScience division of the Institute in 2287.


Brendan Volkert is the son of Doctor Dean Volkert living in the Institute Bioscience in 2287. Brendan is an ambitious scientist wanting to stand out and impress his fellow scientists. While he wants to achieve such a goal, he lacks the skill, intelligence, and even the interest in science compared to the other Institute scientists. He still attempts to impress his father by showing interest in his work. He is also trying to learn robotics from Liam Binet, but he finds it more complicated than he thought.

Brendan's biggest obsession is Rosalind Orman. He displays feelings for Rosalind, but cannot get her to even notice him. He spends his time going into the Advanced System Division to talk to Rosalind, but Evan Watson asks him to leave for distracting her. His father tells Brendan that he should stop going into Advanced Systems, but he is not going to promise that.

Brendan has a rivalry with Evan Watson. He assumes that Dr. Watson hates him, but his father disagrees and states that Evan just wants Brendan to refrain from distracting the scientists in the Advanced Systems division. Brendan also claims Evan Watson thinks he is not Institute material, but he promises that he will prove Watson wrong.

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Green Institute lab coat


Brendan Volkert appears only in Fallout 4.

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