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This is a transcript for dialogue with Brendan Volkert.


1-00061C1A{Frustrated. / Angry} It's hard to stand out when you're surrounded by geniuses.
2{Chip on your shoulder / Confident} Doctor Watson doesn't think I'm Institute material. I'm going to prove him wrong.
3{Pining for a girl you have a crush on / Worried} Rosalind is as smart as she is beautiful. Just wish I could get her to notice me.
4{Aloof / Concerned} You're going to have to work pretty hard to impress anyone down here.
5{A begruding admission / Tired} Liam's been trying to teach me robotics. It's more complicated than I thought.


6DialogueInstituteVolkertHomeScene1001690D5{Friendly chatter with dad / Question} How was your day?Dean: Complicated...and long.A1a
7001690D3Dean: Complicated...and long.{Friendly chatter with dad} What did you work on?Dean: Extremely theoretical bioscience, I'd bore you.A1a
8001690D1Dean: Extremely theoretical bioscience, I'd bore you.{Friendly / Friendly} No, I'm really interested in this stuff. Try me.Dean: Just a lot of headaches over antigens and immunogens.A1a
9001690CFDean: Just a lot of headaches over antigens and immunogens.{Confused, pretending not to be. You want to impress your dad but you really don't grasp what he's saying / Puzzled} Yeah, that's...my...favorite subject.Dean: I'm glad you're finally taking an interest in science, son. Keep up the good work.A1a
10DialogueInstituteVolkertHomeScene2001690CCDean: Brendan, were you hanging around Advance Systems today?{Annoyed / Irritated} Yeah...but only for like five minutes...why? Wait, let me guess, Doctor Watson complained about me again.Dean: Yes, exactly. Doctor Watson said you were disturbing members of his lab today and he had to ask you to leave.A1a
11001690CADean: Yes, exactly. Doctor Watson said you were disturbing members of his lab today and he had to ask you to leave.{Disbelief, upset / Disbelief} I wasn't disturbing anyone. I said hello to Rosalind and he kicked me out for no reason. The guy hates me.Dean: He doesn't hate you. He just hates that you distract people while they have important work to do.A1a
12001690C6Dean: Brendan, just stop going over there and this won't be a problem anymore.{Defiant / Defiant} I'm not making any promises.A1a