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A ghost from the Appalachian Brotherhood of Steel's past returns.

Breaking Radio Silence is a side quest in the Fallout 76 update One Wasteland For All.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Breaking Radio Silence
Find the note just northwest of the Watoga Civic Center.
Read the note and head over to Watoga Towers.
Meet with Initiate Vernon Dodge.
Complete a Daily Op.
Return to Dodge to report in and complete the quest.
Reward: Variable Daily Op rewards, random aid item, random ammo, caps and XP

Detailed walkthrough

Upon setting foot in the Cranberry Bog, head for a small bus stop northwest of the Watoga Civic Center to find a grisly sight of three raiders, two in cages, and the third one skewered with a note attached to the pike. Reading the note directs the player character to Watoga Towers a short distance to the east, near the Watoga Shopping Plaza. Head in, take the elevator to the third floor, and meet up with the lone survivor of Elizabeth Taggerdy's Brotherhood of Steel, Initiate Vernon Dodge.

Speaking with him, he explains that he received word that the Brotherhood First Expeditionary Force are on their way to Appalachia from New California, so he decided to lay the foundation for their arrival by securing some of Taggerdy's old outposts and clearing out some of the riff-raff through what he calls Daily Ops. The Vault 76 Vault Dweller can assist him. In fact, Dodge will not answer any deeper questions before they complete their first one.

Upon returning from completing one's first Daily Op, Dodge will offer a reward for the hard effort. He then reminds the player character that there will be another Daily Op first thing tomorrow before letting them leave, completing the quest.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Read the noteA ghost from the Appalachian Brotherhood of Steel's past returns
? Go to Watoga TowersI spotted a strange and bloody site upon entering Watoga. I should investigate to see what could have caused such carnage.
? Talk to Initiate Vernon DodgeI found a note attached to a bloody corpse. According to what's written, I should meet someone at "Watoga Towers" if I want to prove my worth to the "Brotherhood of Steel." I should go there to meet this person.
? Ask Initiate Dodge about Daily OpsI met a man named Vernon Dodge, who claims to be an Initiate of the Appalachian chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel. He's requested my assistance, but I haven't spoken to him yet about the details. I should ask further if I have time to help.
? Complete a Daily Op from your mapI met a man named Vernon Dodge, who claims to be an Initiate of the Appalachian chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel. He requested that I complete a "Daily Op," which I can access through my map. I should do so and return to him with my progress.
?Quest finishedTell Initiate Dodge you've completed a Daily OpI've completed a Daily Op, as Initiate Dodge requested. I should return to him for a reward.