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There's a bunch of shit in this bar and me and my Morningstar miners are gonna shovel it out into the street. The biggest turd even has a name - Caminetto.Blasphemous Bette

Break up the bar brawl is a quest in Fallout 2.

Quick walkthrough

Unmarked Quest: Break up the bar brawl 
Finish Evict the widow quest. 
Go to the Malamute Saloon and talk to Bette and Caminetto. 
Break up the fight. 
Report to the Sheriff
Reward: 1500 XP, $300 
Next quest: Find out who cut the whore 

Detailed walkthrough

The second assignment from Sheriff Marion, right after dealing with poor widow Rooney, is to break up a bar brawl in the Malamute Saloon instigated by two miners from LeBarge's and McGrew's mines. Upon arriving you will find two workers (Blasphemous Bette and Caminetto) having a go at it. You can stand and listen to them for a bit (nothing happens if you don't take immediate action), but sooner or later you'll have to break it up.

Talk to both Caminetto and Blasphemous Bette and ask them to stop for the sake of Sheriff Marion's bum leg. Whatever you do, don't provoke them into a fight - it's bad mojo and the town goes ballistic. If you manage to convince them both to step back both parties will drop the attitude, which is the best possible solution. This requires passing a Speech challenge with a modifier of two times the Chosen One's level, but it can be retried if failed. Jailing none is the only way to get idolized.

Then, return to Sheriff Marion afterward.


The quest's scripting is unfinished:

  • There's unused code that makes the miners attack the player after some time if the player takes no action.[verified]
  • The option of talking to both miners and calming them without arresting anyone is incomplete, too. No experience will be awarded, nor will Marion give any reward, stating you did nothing to stop the fight (this is the default response if no relevant quest flags have been set while there is a flag that was intended for this outcome). If you talk to the miners again, they'll bring up the same dialogue as when they were fighting. However, one can still turn in the quest, albeit with no reward, and continue helping the Sheriff.[verified]