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Event: Breach and Clear is an event in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

  1. Fight off some hostiles, usually mole miners.
  2. After the final hostile has been defeated, the breach is announced and a device similar to the Motherlode emerges. Boxes on this Motherlode will have lights that are initially red.
  3. During the event, some of the boxes will open at certain intervals (indicated by the red lights turning green or yelllow). Boxes may contain ore or junk.
    1. Boxes with a green light can be opened without any prerequisites.
    2. Boxes with a yellow light require the Hornwright senior executive ID to open
  4. Other hostiles will spawn during the event, including mole miners and mole rats.
  5. After the last set of boxes unlock a final call for box unloading is made.
  6. Soon after the final call, the Motherlode vanishes into the earth and the quest completes.

Detailed walkthrough

When the quest begins, all Vault Dwellers will be notified of the location where the Motherlode mining robot will be surfacing to drop off its latest haul of mineral scrap and other items it gathered while burrowed. Clear out the initial enemies in the area, usually mole miners, and the Motherlode will soon surface after warning player characters to stand clear of where it will emerge.

Once it surfaces, many of the containers on it will be marked by red lights. As the quest continues, several will change color at certain intervals. Ones marked by green lights are available immediately, but ones marked by yellow lights will be inaccessible unless a player character has the Hornwright senior executive ID to grant clearance to those containers. However, at those intervals, mole miners and other enemies will need to be eliminated before the Motherlode can unlock its next set of containers.

Once the Motherlode has unlocked its final set of containers, it will request that player characters collect all remaining loot from its containers before it submerges again. Once it submerges to begin collecting minerals again, the quest is completed.


Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Clear the area of hostiles (#:##)Sounds like we need to clear out the creatures that have taken over this work site. Time to lock and load.
Retreat to a safe distance! (0:15)The nasties are gone, but it sounds like we all need to get to a safe spot ASAP!
Harvest materials from containers (#/30 unsealed)So, it sounds like we can take whatever we want! Time searchIn-game spelling the containers for riches!
Time to the next unsealing (#:##)
Collect remaining materials before the machine submerges (0:50)Last chance to collect materials from the machine!


  • Unlike most loot in the game, the containers are not instanced per player, meaning one player can beat another to the loot.
  • The containers at the very top of the Motherlode, by the drill bits, might prove difficult to reach unless using a jet pack or the Marsupial mutation to gain the jump height to reach it.


  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 Occasionally, the containers will not contain any loot. [verified]