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[[pl:Kastet (Fallout)]]
[[pl:Kastet (Fallout)]]
[[ru:Кастет (Fallout)]]
[[ru:Кастет (Fallout)]]
[[pt:Brass knuckles (Fallout)]]

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For an overview of brass knuckles in the Fallout series of games, see brass knuckles.

Hardened knuckle grip that is actually made out of steel. They protect your hand, and do more damage, in unarmed combat.

Brass knuckles are a set of unarmed weapons in Fallout and Fallout 2.


Main article: Brass knuckles

Developed in antiquity, this weapon is prevalent in the post-War wastelands.

Brass knuckles, or knuckledusters, take the form of four linked metal rings in a shallow convex formation with a bumper attached to the concave face. The rings are slipped over a combatant's fingers with the bumper pressed into the palm of the hand.

When a punch is thrown, the brass knuckles take the majority of the impact impulse, transferring much of the punch's kinetic energy to the target by way of the harder, smaller impacting surface of the metal knuckles. This drastically increases the likelihood of serious tissue disruption and bone damage.


In Fallout 2, peculiarly one can find spiked knuckles earlier, making brass knuckles somewhat useless. However, lightweight coupled with reasonable value means that players with adequate Barter skills can make a respectable profit looting these from fallen foes. As they are far more common than firearms in the lower levels, the collection and resale of brass knuckles can provide a much-needed early-game source of income.



Fallout 2

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  • Dunton brothers Buck and Chuck have one each upon initiating combat and/or dialogue


Should either Dunton brother be robbed of his spiked knuckles, the next time combat starts gives him another set.

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