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Brandon Keener is an actor who voiced various male characters in Fallout 4 and its add-ons Far Harbor and Nuka-World.


Keener was born and raised in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and graduated from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, where he won an Irene Ryan scholarship for collegiate actors and performed at the Kennedy Center. Keener is well known for his voice-over roles in several video games but has also worked extensively in television and film.


Fallout series

YearTitleCredited as/for
2015Fallout 4Initiates (male)
Railroad agent (male)
Settlers (male)
Absalom (uncredited)
Art (human) (uncredited)
Art (synth) (uncredited)
Bluejay (uncredited)
Mr. Cofran (uncredited)
Dalen (uncredited)
DiPietro (uncredited)
Drummer Boy (uncredited)
Duke (uncredited)
Fred O'Connell (uncredited)
Gene (uncredited)
Givens (uncredited)
Jake Finch (uncredited)
Johnny D. (uncredited)
Jules (uncredited)
McGann (uncredited)
Noel Chandrich (uncredited)
Patrick (uncredited)
Preacher (uncredited)
Riley (uncredited)
Roger Warwick (uncredited)
Ron Staples (uncredited)
Ronald Tanner (uncredited)
Rufus Rubins (uncredited)
Sato (uncredited)
Sully Mathis (uncredited)
Terry (uncredited)
Tony Savoldi (uncredited)
Mercenaries (male, uncredited)
Scavengers (male, uncredited)
Vault 81 residents (male, uncredited)
Subject 12 (Subject 12 testing, uncredited)
Vault-Tec interviewer (V. 114 interviews, uncredited)
Wastelander (Dangerous Minds, uncredited)
Arnie (uncredited) Cut content
Brad Finnegan (uncredited) Cut content
Derek (uncredited) Cut content
Patches (uncredited) Cut content
Widmer (uncredited) Cut content
2016Far HarborEden Meadows Cinemas radio station (uncredited)
Vault 118 overseer (uncredited)
Harbormen (male, uncredited)
Synth refugees (male, uncredited)
2016Nuka-WorldCorporal Downey (uncredited)
Peter (uncredited)
Phil Roller (uncredited)
Victor (uncredited)
Pack captives (male, uncredited)
Prisoners (male, uncredited)

Other work

YearTitleCredited as/for
2006Saints RowTobias
2007-12Mass Effect seriesGarrus Vakarian
2011L.A. NoireDetective Harold Caldwell
2016The DivisionISAC
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