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Your brain has been replaced with advanced technologies: Your head can no longer be crippled and is resistant to chem addiction (+25% resistance) and shock from bodily damage (+5% Damage Threshold, minimum +1).Fallout: New Vegas description

Brainless is a special perk in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.


In the initial dialogue with Doctor Klein as part of the quest Welcome to the Big Empty, you find out that your brain, heart, and spine have been removed and replaced. This perk represents the replacement of your brain. While you technically have these perks from the start of the add-on, they are unlocked in the course of the conversation.


The head is immune to crippling, +5% to DT (minimum 1) and a +25% resistance to chem addictions.


  • While the term "brainless" refers to cognitive impairment and lack of wit, it has no bearing on the effects of the perk.
  • Compared to the Big Brained perk, this gives an additional 15% chem addiction resistance but 5% less DT.
  • The DT added by this perk and by Big Brained does not work correctly; see this discussion. A fix for the PC version is available here.
  • When stacked with the Chem Resistant and Old World Gourmet perks, it results in a 72% resistance to addiction, which is significant enough to rarely become addicted.
    • It may seem to synergize poorly with Eye for Eye, as it reduces the total number of limbs that can be crippled. However, the frequent blurred vision is a greater detriment than the effects of other crippled limbs, which can be countered via speed perks or accuracy chems.
  • Brainless and Big Brained share the same Vault Boy image.

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