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This is a transcript for dialogue with Brailee Ewers.


GREETING GREETING Happy 50 Hey there, sweetie! 1
Happy 80 Hello? Is this the mailman? Oh I do hope my fall catalog has arrived! 2
GREETING Happy 50 You must be exhausted from all that walking in this horrible heat. Oh, and hungry too! Sit, please! 3
Happy 50 Brailee Ewers is the name. Don't mind my husband Kenneth. He woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning! 4
GREETING Happy 50 Whatcha' need darling? 5
GREETING Neutral 50 ... 6
Happy 50 I'm sorry, but my husband told me to say that nobody's here. 7
GREETING Neutral 50 Hey there! 8
MS09BEwersCT01 Wow, are you batshit insane or what? Anger 50 Well now, there's no cause for name calling! How rude! 9
Anger 50 I have a pie cooling on the window sill I must attend to. Good day! 10
MS09BEwersCT02 Um... okay... You do know there was a war 200 years ago, right? Neutral 50 Well, I must speak to my husband about that. We could bring it up at the next homeowner's association meeting. 11
Happy 50 Ah, I do love the meetings so much. I think I'll bring muffins! 12
MS09BEwersCT03 Yes, quite lovely. Um... I've got to go. Happy 80 Oh, certainly! Close the front gate when you leave and mind my begonia garden... I just planted them. 13
MS09BraileeEwersDoor01 Huh? What are you talking about? Evan King sent me. Happy 50 Oh! Evan! He's such a gentleman. 14
Happy 50 Please, do come inside. Let me unlock the door for you! 15
MS09BraileeEwersDoor02 Sure, yeah. I have your fall catalog. Happy 50 Oh, goodie! I can hardly wait to browse the latest fashions. 16
Neutral 50 Please, do come inside. Let me unlock the door for you! 17
MS09BraileeEwersDoor03 Never mind. Happy 50 Oh, alright. Do come back later, though. I'm making cookies! 18
MS09FinTLHelpMe Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Sad 50 Ohhhh! I'm sorry, I'll have to bake another batch. Maybe some other time. 19
Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Happy 50 Why, yes. Let me give you one of my old fashioned chocolate chip cookies! Enjoy! 20
MS09TLCheckonYou Evan King told me to check on you. Is everything okay? Happy 50 Oh! He's such a dear! I must remember to make more of those preserves he loves so much. 21
MS09TLLookingforIanWest I'm looking for Ian West. Have you seen him? Neutral 50 If I recall he and the boys are probably at the lake fishing. Those rapscallions! There's no telling what monkeyshines they'll get into next! 22
MS09TLWestsDead Did you know the Wests are dead? Happy 50 Dead tired I bet from the square dance in the barn last night! What a time we had! 23
MS09TLWhereIsEveryone Can you tell me more about what's been going on around here? Happy 50 Oh my, I don't know. Mrs. West is probably whipping up a batch of her famous cookies and all the kids are playing in the yards. 24
Happy 50 It's so nice outside, the grass looks lovely this time of year. 25


GOODBYE I have to go now. Happy 50 Bye bye! Come back soon! 26
I have to go now. Happy 50 Bye bye! 27
HELLO HELLO Happy 50 Hey ho! Welcome back to our cozy village! 28