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Brahmin noodle soup is a paper note in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


The note can be found in the main cooking area of Bloody Frank's, on a table next to several ingredients.


Chief Beef's Brahmin Noodle Soup

Ole Jessi is back with another fine delicacy. Held up some Foundation blokes the other day. We let em walk away after they handed over their Brahmin. Boy those creatures sure are sweet. Salty too.

- Brahmin meat, now don't be shy - hooves, ears, cheek, its all delicious
- Some fresh spring onion and leek
- Whatever broth you find suitable will probably work
- Salt, pepper and the seasoning you got on hand

Ain't nothing to it. Brown the meat a bit and get your liquid in with the spices and salt. Add those veggies near the end so they still maintain some freshness.