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Brahmin Wood is a location in Fallout Tactics, which can be reached from Bunker Alpha. It is a resource-rich tribal village in the area of the pre-War city of Chicago, Illinois.


In 2197, it was invaded by a group of raiders led by Horus. Brahmin Wood's losses were heavy, and they decided to accept the Brotherhood of Steel's conditions for protection. Eventually, a small squad of Brotherhood recruits returned their lands and rescued the primitive people in exchange for food and a portion of their older children for new recruits.

The village elder or "Tribal Father" named Charon, was skeptical of the benevolence of the Brotherhood's intentions, but agreed to their terms after the village was rescued from the hands of raiders by the Brotherhood recruits. The shaman of Brahmin Wood, a man known as Hawkeye, is only vaguely interested in the affairs of the village and devotes his attention to interpreting dreams and visions.

After the Brotherhood drove away and killed the raiders and bandits, the tribals from Brahmin Wood eventually became the largest contributor of manpower to the Brotherhood's war machine.

Related missions

  • Brahmin Wood (mission): The mission in Brahmin Wood involves finding the shaman, saving the trapped tribals, and eliminating the entire contingent of raiders.


Brahmin Wood appears only in Fallout Tactics.