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Brahmin Wellington is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


Brahmin Wellington is a gourmet food item featured at the Gourmand, the Ultra-Luxe casino's high-class restaurant. It is the creation of the Gourmand's head chef, Philippe, who keeps the recipe for the dish in his kitchen. Even if the recipe is known, few have the skills to prepare the delicious dish of brahmin steak wrapped in puffy ant egg pastry.

As a food item, brahmin Wellington provides a fairly high amount of health with no negative effects, making it one of a small number of food items that do not increase radiation when consumed.

At the Survival skill level of 80 that is necessary to craft it, brahmin Wellington will provide a 130 point restoration of Hit Points, as well as a 260 point reduction in the player character's Starvation level if in hardcore mode.

Survival skill effect

SkillEffectHardcore effect
10+6 Hit Points for 10s-120 Starvation 
20+7 Hit Points for 10s-140 Starvation 
30+8 Hit Points for 10s-160 Starvation 
40+9 Hit Points for 10s-180 Starvation 
50+10 Hit Points for 10s-200 Starvation 
60+11 Hit Points for 10s-220 Starvation 
70+12 Hit Points for 10s-240 Starvation 
80+13 Hit Points for 10s-260 Starvation 
90+14 Hit Points for 10s-280 Starvation 
100+15 Hit Points for 10s-300 Starvation 


This item can be crafted by the player character, once the recipe is acquired.

Creation requirements

Brahmin Wellington (1)


Brahmin Wellington is only found inside the "members only" section of the Ultra-Luxe, and only if the player character enters the room between the hours of 6 and 11 pm while not in the process of completing the quest Beyond the Beef. The Courier is also given a brahmin Wellington as a comp after winning a total of at least 7,500 chips playing the Ultra-Luxe's casino games. Outside of these possibilities, the only way to obtain the item is by crafting it.


Prior to patch, this item also required one bag of flour as part of its crafting recipe.

Behind the scenes

The inspiration for this dish is Beef Wellington, "a preparation of filet steak coated with pâté (often pâté de foie gras) and duxelles, which is then wrapped in puff pastry and baked."[1]