you come across a herd of wild brahmin. You feel there is something wrong...— In-game description

Brahmin Herd is a special encounter in Fallout.


For this encounter, the Vault Dweller comes across a herd of six wild brahmin. They say "Moo!" or "Moo, I say!" without attacking.

This special encounter is very hard to find and rarer than others, even with 10 Luck.

Behind the scenes

  • This encounter was inspired by a prank Timothy Cain used to play in the MUD Darker Realms, where he would teleport cows who had similar dialogue into a friend's work room.[1] A similar joke is present in Blizzard's Diablo, when played with the Hellfire add-on.
Tim on Cows that go Moo: Not to beat a dead cow, but yes, the talking cows in Fallout are a tip of the hat to my favorite MUD ever, the Darker Realms. However, it was not my idea to put them in. Chris Taylor had heard me talk of the Snow Cows and how I liked to teleport them into Mike's work room (hmm, I guess I was flippant) for fun. Chris did most of the random encounters in Fallout. Chris Taylor on Snow Cows: Were they snow-cows by any chance? Tim Cain used to be on a MUD that had snow-cows that said "Moo, moo I say." and I laughed so much when he told me that story, I had to put them in...Fallout Bible 5
  • Ed in Vault City may say that he could have heard his brahmin say "Moo, I say!", in reference to this special encounter.


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