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Officer Bradley here does excellent work with his fists.— Unknown Enclave lieutenant about Bradley

Officer Bradley was a Enclave officer and a member of the Enclave Remnant unit sent by the Enclave to Massachusetts to find and kill the Enclave deserter called the Black Devil and retrieve his X-02 power armor.

Officer Bradley as well as Sergeant Hodges' unit captured and interrogated a wastelander called Connie within the BADTFL regional office in order to find the location of the Black Devil. While interrogating Connie, an unnamed Enclave lieutenant remarks that Officer Bradley works well with his fists in order to scare Connie into telling them where the Black Devil and his X-02 power armor suit are located.

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Speak of the Devil


Officer Bradley is mentioned-only in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "X-02 Power Armor".

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