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The Bradberton overpass is a ruined highway near Nuka-World in 2287.


The settlement is being used as a base of operations by a Gunners recon team, sent to explore the western areas of the Commonwealth. Stumbling upon the Nuka-World transit center, the Gunners elected to hike through the mountains instead of taking the transit, which they thought was a trap. The hike, being harder than anticipated, was made worse when they lost communications with their headquarters. They first set up a base of operations at the overpass and are now waiting for reinforcements that are usually sent out in situations like these.


The overpass is a single piece of highway that has been able to stand by itself. The Gunners that have taken over the location seem to have been able to carve it out into an outpost based around, and on top of the overpass.

A single shack contains an elevator that lifts the user to the top of the overpass. Here, a shack and another lift can be found bringing users to the adjacent overpass, giving them an overview of Nuka-World. On the other side, one is met by three Gunners and an assaultron. Two of the Gunners have power armor suits and the other wields a Fat Man. Toward the end of the overpass lays the last shack of the settlement. Inside, a Gunner terminal can be found.

Notable loot

  • Leveled power armor can be found by ascending the elevator to the overpass and riding the gondola south. Gunners may enter the suit if they are alerted to the player's presence.
  • A second suit of power armor is worn by a Gunner in the same area as the first suit.


  • If alerted, be aware of combat with sentries guarding the elevator on the ground. The Gunner atop the overpass may occasionally walk off the edge and plunge to their death while trying to investigate.
  • Fast traveling to this location will instantly alert every Gunner except the leader at the southern-most end of the camp to the Sole Survivor's presence. Even maxed-out sneak skills may not prevent immediate combat, especially if arriving in broad daylight. This may result in a swift death even at high-levels, since it puts them into weapons range of two assaultrons and half a dozen human Gunners at once, one of which is wearing power armor, another one toting a Fat Man with unobstructed sight on the Survivor.


The Bradberton overpass appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


PCIcon pc The power armor frame and its random leveled parts on the southern overpass section may respawn upon subsequent visits if it was entered by a Gunner before. [verified]


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