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The Bradberton overpass is a location in Nuka-World in 2287.


The overpass was part of a highway that allowed travelers a way to travel to Nuka-World before the Great War. The overpass near Bradberton is being used as a base of operations by a Gunners scouting team, sent to explore the western areas of the Commonwealth.[1]

Stumbling upon the Nuka-World transit center, the Gunners elected to hike through the mountains instead of taking the transit, which they thought was a trap.[1] The hike, being harder than anticipated, was made worse when they lost communications with their headquarters. They set up a base of operations on the ruins of the overpass, and are now waiting for reinforcements.


The overpass has fallen in several places, but the two remaining upright have been commandeered by the group. A single shack is located on top of the roadway, and an elevator lifts users to the top. Another lift has been built connecting to the adjacent overpass, all of which overlooks Nuka-World from the northeast.

On the western portion, three Gunners and an assaultron are located. One of the members is wearing a suit of power armor. The other side has two soldiers wandering back and forth and another assaultron. There is an empty set of power armor that may be utilized by them during combat. One Gunner on this side wields a Fat Man. Toward the end of the second overpass, a shack with a terminal and bedding can be found.


  • The Gunner atop the overpass may occasionally walk off the edge and plunge to their death.
  • Fast traveling to this location will instantly alert every Gunner except the leader at the southernmost end of the camp to the Sole Survivor's presence.
  • Northeast of the overpass, a deathclaw will ambush the player character in the hills. Further north is a shack that has distilling equipment and a yao guai.


The Bradberton overpass appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


PCPC The power armor frame and random leveled parts on the southern overpass section may respawn upon subsequent visits if it was entered by a Gunner before. [verified]