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The Bradberton Amphitheater is a location in Nuka-World in 2287.


This old amphitheater, much like the nearby town, was named after John-Caleb Bradberton. It was advertised as one of many "unique service attractions" around Nuka-Town USA.[1] At some point after the Great War, Mason and his Pack occupied the building, and by 2287, the amphitheater has become their base of operations.


The locations consists of the amphitheater, a northern path leading to a dead end garage, and the Nuka-Town backstage area. It is home to Pack raiders, Pack captives wearing shock collars around their necks, and Pack animals such as gazelles and mole rats. The whole place has many light chains and is decorated colorful and in accordance the gang's animal theme.


Upon entering, there is a small ticketing area with cash registers in the south. Behind the counter are two Nuka-Cola display racks as well as two mattresses as well as one sleeping bag.

A path leads west to the open stage of the theater, between both crowd stands, which have several dressed up mannequins on them. To the left is an Advanced locked cage holding a Pack ghoulrilla. The center of the stage has six chairs placed around a fenced-in area, in which random fights take place, either Pack captives versus Pack animals or different Pack animals fighting one another. The gate is secured with an Expert lock. The back of the stage has a small set of columns and several fake scenery bushes. It is also home to Mason and his dogs, with the former sitting on his throne most of the time.

Heading north from from the entrance, there are two more Advanced locked cages, one holding multiple Pack captives and the other a gazelle. Leading further northwads, there is a single red door leading towards the dead end garage, while a set of double doors in the south leads down to the backstage area.

Dead end garage

Continuing north leads to a small section with two chemistry stations, an ammo box on a table, and the the infamous feral ghoul chair. Further ahead lies the garage, which has two mattresses, one sleeping bag and a bed, alongside several cans of canned dog food.

Nuka-Town backstage

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Notable loot


The two Nuka-Cola display racks can be used for displaying Nuka-Cola bottles.


The Bradberton Amphitheater appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.