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Bradberton's office terminal entries are entries found on one terminal within Bradberton's office in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Bradberton's terminalEdit


CEO Bradberton Eyes ONLY
Hello, Mr. Bradberton!

Nuka-World Status:
Nuka-Town U.S.A. - CLOSED
Kiddie Kingdom - CLOSED
Galactic Zone - CLOSED
Dry Rock Gulch - CLOSED
Safari Adventure - CLOSED
World of Refreshment - CLOSED

Nuka-World Mail SystemEdit

Outgoing Mail JCB976NWCEdit


To: Giles Mainsgrove, Vault-Tec Special Projects Division

Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the work you've done on my private sanctuary. With the installation of the control switch, work is finally complete. Amusing anecdote to share about the final day. The engineers needed to know where to place the access switch. Obviously I wanted it concealed, but where? Then the answer came to me: it should be placed near my greatest creation, the very reason for my success. I think we can both agree that it was an inspired choice. Thanks for everything, Giles. The money has been wired to your account.

Incoming Mail PH077NWCEdit


From: Peyton Huxley, Executive Assistant

Sir, I've cleared your schedule as you requested for the latter half of the entire year. I can assure you, this was no small feat. Also, your medical records have been transferred to Braxton's team and all of the backup copies destroyed. I hope you know what you're doing, sir. If you go through with this process, you may never be able to speak in public again. We can certainly work around that, but your presence has been the driving force behind the Nuka-Cola Corporation since the beginning, and I think it will be a great loss if that were to change.

Outgoing Mail JCB944NWCEdit


To: Peyton Huxley, Executive Assistant

I've considered your proposal for shutting down the Galactic Zone to overhaul the Star Control Mainframe and its robots, and I have to say that I am taken aback by the suggestion. If there's one thing I've taught you it's that no matter how tough things get, we never give up. Tell the manager over there he'll just have to hunker down and make do with what he has. I've poured billions into that park, and I am not about to watch it trickle away by closing the gates. As far as disarming the robots in the park, that's also a no. If things go south at Nuka-World, that force of robots is the only protection we have. Cooperating with RobCo was the only way I could get that type of weaponry allowed outside of a military base, so suck it up and get whatever-his-name's ass moving over there to fix this problem!

Incoming Mail LBS448NWCEdit


From: L.B. Shelton, Security Department

Sir, I've done as you've requested and informed all security personnel about our problems with the A.F.A.D. group. We're doing the best we can to keep them as far away from Safari Adventure as possible, but we're understaffed. I need every man and woman I can get, but you've assigned twelve of my people to Project Cobalt and have yet to replace them. Any help is appreciated, sir. Have a wonderful day.

Outgoing Mail JCB871NWCEdit


To: Peyton Huxley, Executive Assistant

I've startingIcon sic reviewing the Hidden Cappy contest details and I had a question. So, I actually have to receive the contest winners in my office in person? If so, have you considered how Project Cobalt could effect that idea? I'll do it for now, but we'll have to revisit the issue once my transfer is complete. Anyway, I promise you that I will submit the rest of my comments and changes this week. I've been too preoccupied with Project Cobalt, and I've definitely put it off for too long. Don't worry Peyton, if I take any longer, just tell the marketing team to come after me with the torches and the pitchforks.

Incoming Mail KL332NWCEdit


From: Kate Leavitt, Beverageer Division

Sir, I appreciate your enthusiasm over the Quantum beverage idea, but I really think we should run more tests before we just send it out to market. The isotope that we're using is strontium-90, which is extremely radioactive. It's perfect for the military's applications but even with Rex's purification distilling process, it can be dangerous. Now, I know that the bright blue bottles will look wonderful on store shelves and we stand to make a lot of money with this product, but think of the long-term effects it can have. We already know it causes the imbiber's urine to glow, and while others in the Beverageer Lab find that amusing, I find something like that coming out of my body disturbing. I have a battery of tests I'd like to perform before we release the product to the Washington D.C. test market. All I ask is a six to eight month delay. I await your answer.

Outgoing Mail JCB800NWCEdit


To: Peyton Huxley, Executive Assistant

Absolutely loved the "Nuka Condolences" Fruit and Cheese Baskets you sent out to the families of our early prototype Quantum flavor testers. Great idea. I think I loved the fine print of the health damage waiver you had them sign before they joined up even more. Saved us billions I suspect. You're at the top of your game Peyton, and maybe someday you'll be sitting in the big chair. For now, enjoy that shiny new Quantum Blue Corvega you found parked in your driveway this morning. You earned it.

Bradberton's project terminalEdit


CEO Bradberton Eyes ONLY
Hello, Mr. Bradberton!

LEAP-X System Remote Connection Failure
Contact LEAP-X Team Immediately


Merle's Very Cherry SodaEdit


Original Name: Merle's Very Cherry Soda
Previous Patent Holder: Merle Haverston
New Name: Nuka-Cherry (Launched)
Flavor Profile: Nuka-Cola and Cherry Mixture

Notes: Original formula was a local, home-brewed pure cherry soft drink. Made slight adjustments to formula, but otherwise left flavor intact. Mixed with Nuka-Cola then enhanced with color to boost visual appeal.

Grape-Pearl SodaEdit


Original Name: Grape-Pearl Soda
Previous Patent Holder: Joannie Cheng
New Name: Nuka-Grape (Launched)
Flavor Profile: Grape

Notes: Original formula sold overseas. Flavor profile virtually unchanged (slight ingredient adjustments for cost purposes). Full re-branding and re-packaging completed as per Nuka-Cola Marketing Division.

Sharon's Downhome Country LemonEdit


Original Name: Sharon's Downhome Country Lemon
Previous Patent Holder: Sharon Lawrence
New Name: Nuka-Cola Clear (Awaiting Final Approval)
Flavor Profile: Lemon/Lime

Notes: Original formula holds promise, but ingredients are quite expensive. Don't recommend use of current formula for cost-effective production. Will try and work out the kinks to get the flavor ready as soon as possible.

Packed Full Of JoeEdit


Original Name: Packed Full Of Joe
Previous Patent Holder: William Lee
New Name: Nuka-Boost (Experimental)
Flavor Profile: Nuka-Cola and Coffee Mixture

Notes: Original formula adjusted to mix with Nuka-Cola flavor profile. Initial taste tests not positive. Recommend we re-think this flavor combination.

Project CobaltEdit

03-17-2076 JCBEdit



General Braxton stopped by my office today. I already knew he was coming, my contacts in Washington D.C. saw to that. He asked for exactly what I expected: the use of Nuka-World's Beverageers for a military chemical and weapons program. I told him I'd do it if Icon sic gave me the information on the military's LEAP-X (life Extension and Prolongation) program. The look on his face when I asked that was priceless. As expected, he said yes. The moment the LEAP-X data arrives, I'm putting a team to work on it right away. It's obvious that this world is headed for the end and I intend to outlast it all.

08-27-2076 JCBEdit



I had Vault-Tec modify my personal vault to accommodate the machinery required to keep the LEAP-X system running. It's costing me a fortune and I've had to divert money from the amusement park, but who cares. My money and the park won't be worth anything when the world is a smoking ruin. I've flown a few of LEAP-X's researchers down here to make sure the prototype works. I bet they're glad to still have a job, seeing as all the military's money got diverted to wartime resources. I'm hearing complaints from my Nuka-World team about the cutbacks, but they'll just haveIcon sic make due.

10-20-2076 JCBEdit



Meacham's work with Project Cobalt struck gold. His team came up with a custom isotope based on strontium-90 he's calling "Quantum." He believes he can use the isotope to weaponize almost anything in the military's arsenal. He's come up with a few prototypes like the "Nuka-Nuke," and we've even used the Quantum to enhance one of the military's power armor suits. Ironically, Meacham believes we can use this isotope somewhat safely as an ingredient in a new Nuka-Cola soft drink flavor. By reducing most of the harmful effects of the isotope, the Quantum will actually glow longer than the ingredients we use in Quartz and Victory. In fact, I've told Meachum to start distilling it immediately and call it "Nuka-Cola Quantum."

01-19-2077 JCBEdit



The original intention of LEAP-X was to create a living bio-suit to preserve my body after it would normally expire, but now I've been told by those idiots on the LEAP-X team that it's not possible. LEAP-X requires so much power and so many special components, it can only accommodate no more than fifteen pounds of organic matter. That leaves me no choice. If I want to prolong my life, I'll have to have them preserve only my head. I've told them to proceed. I haven't come this far just to give up and await the inevitable.

04-02-2077 JCBEdit



This is my final entry. Today, I will be undergoing the surgical procedure to have my head removed and transferred into the LEAP-X system. If anything should happen, I've instructed Peyton Huxley, my Executive Assistant to handle my affairs. Peyton is the only one outside the LEAP-X team who knows about this procedure, and I am entrusting him to visit me daily and keep me informed of the events happening on the outside of my vault.

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