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This is an overview article, focusing on background information and cross-game comparisons.
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Bozar is a weapon in Fallout 2 and in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Gun Runners' Arsenal.



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Referred to as the "ultimate" refinement of the sniper's art, the Bozar is a scoped, accurate, light machine gun with an ammunition capacity of thirty 5.56mm rounds that delivers phenomenal firepower with great precision and can easily pierce the strongest of defenses. The large collapsible stock, front handguard, muzzle brake, and the bulk of this large weapon ensure it remains under the operator's control despite the long recoil operation. The scope ensures accurate fire at medium distances, while the detachable 30 round 5.56mm box magazine allows for quickly reloading by an infantryman on the move.[1]

A notable downside is that the Bozar requires extra maintenance and can be prone to jamming if not kept scrupulously clean. If one gives it the care and attention it needs, it will be a powerful, accurate tool no matter when and how it is used.[2]

Behind the scenes

Guys, let me walk you through my design logic on implementing the Bozar.
  • The Bozar in Fallout 2 was, functionally, an accurate, fast burst fire weapon.
  • Its icon looked cool and very distinctive.
  • Presumably, people like the Bozar because of how it actually worked and how its icon looked, not because of what its description said or how it looked on the Chosen One's tiny avatar.
  • Fallout: New Vegas has scoped semi-auto/bolt/lever rifles dropping out of the sky. From Ratslayer to All-American to La Longue Carabine to the Anti-Materiel Rifle, they are well-represented.
  • Scoped automatic weapons in F:NV: not that many. The K9000/FIDO are the only two I can think of, and those fire .357 Mag/.44 Mag at a relatively low rate of fire (though the Resla Roil increases this dramatically) with a moderate spread.
Based on these factors, I thought the best course for implementing the Bozar was to make it an accurate, fast burst fire weapon -- essentially a unique scoped Light Machine Gun -- that looked more or less like the icon from Fallout 2.
— J.E. Sawyer[3]
  • Although its sprite in Fallout 2 resembles a large sniper rifle, it has been implemented as an automatic heavy weapon and does not have a unique firing sound, reusing the "rotating firing barrels" effect used by the minigun.
  • The Bozar was planned to be included in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky as an easter egg, along with the .223 pistol and generic .223 ammunition, but only remains partially implemented in the game's resources.
  • Bozar is the name of an unincorporated community in Mills County, Texas, which had a station on the Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe railway until 1936. The real-life Bozar is found on US Route 84, whose endpoint intersects with Route 160. In Fallout: New Vegas, Route 160 terminates at I-15 near Jean Sky Diving.



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