The bowler hat is a piece of headwear in Fallout 4.


This bowler hat is dome-shaped and sports a curved brim, plus a black sweatband. It is made of a hard, dark felt and when worn, provides a single point to Endurance. It cannot be modified with ballistic weave.




It can be worn by all Mister Handies and Miss Nannies including the companions Codsworth and Curie, as well as Whitechapel Charlie, the robotic bartender of the The Third Rail.


Icon pc.png When equipping the Bowler on Handy-type robot companions, then removing or unequipping it, the hat may remain visible on the 3D model of the companion.[verified]

  • This effect can persist across cell loading. It is unclear whether it will persist across a save and restore or a game restart.
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