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I am Lydia Montenegro. I'm sure you've heard of me and my shop, Boutique le Chic? No? Obviously you don't travel in the right circles.Lydia Montenegro

Boutique Le Chic is a store run by Lydia Montenegro in Tenpenny Tower. The store sells a variety of goods, from ammunition and armor to custom themes for the Tenpenny Tower suite.


The Boutique Le Chic is located on the west side of the ground floor of Tenpenny Tower, opposite the Café Beau Monde. It hosts a counter with a cash register, where the owner Lydia Montenegro stands. There is a small pedestal beside the counter, a safe, and a terminal behind the counter.

To the left side of the room, there are tall shelves that contain various types of consumables and other items. To the immediate left of the entrance, there is a small wooden desk and more shelves containing various miscellaneous items. To the right of the entrance is another small pedestal. In each corner of the room, there are four large columns, from the floor to the ceiling.


  • If the ghouls take over Tenpenny Tower, Michael Masters will run the Boutique Le Chic, as well as sell weapons and ammunition. He also sells the dart gun schematics, which means they can be acquired twice from this store.
  • There is a large amount of food in the top left corner of her shop which is perfect for looting should a ghoul invasion occur during the quest Tenpenny Tower.
  • This is the only place where you can purchase items for the hotel room if choosing to blow up Megaton. Killing Lydia or asking her to leave as part of the Tenpenny Tower quest, these items can no longer be purchased.
  • If Lydia is sitting down behind the counter, the counter is long enough to where dialogue cannot be initiated from the front.
  • Stealing from the store's safe may cause Lydia to leave Tenpenny Tower due to its lack of security.
  • Lydia does leave her store unattended at times. While in sneak mode, stealing everything in the store is possible (except the container that needs her key) for negative Karma.


Boutique Le Chic appears only in Fallout 3.