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Bounty notice: Junders Plunkett is a holodisk in Fallout 3.


The disk can be found on a dead Regulator on the stairs up from Arlington Cemetery North. It concerns the apprehension of one Junders Plunkett and will only appear if the Lone Wanderer has the Lawbringer perk.


Notice to all good men and women seeking Lawful Bounties in the Capital Wastes:
Let it be known that the murderous person known as Junders Plunkett, of fair complexion, average height, and missing one good eyeball, is offered for bounty, either dead or alive, in the sum of 1,000 caps or similar compensation of expended equipment and/or medical expense.

Junders Plunkett was last seen committing theft and murder in the township of Canterbury Commons. The apprehending person should exercise special caution, as the bountied personage is noted for an uncommon aptitude with small, concealable blades.

Behind the scenes

The holotape was written by Joel Burgess, lead level designer of Fallout 3.[1]