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The bottlecap sunglasses are eyewear in Fallout 76.


A set of sunglasses with the rims fashioned to resemble bottlecaps. They confer no benefit to the player character aside from a stylistic choice.


  • A pair of bottlecap sunglasses can be found on a desk at the Charleston trainyard in an upstairs office with the letter of resignation and a Vault-Tec bobblehead.
  • One pair can be found in the building immediately to the east of the Charleston Herald building, in a room two floors underneath the one accessed by crossing the wooden catwalk by the terminal.
  • One pair can be found on a teddy bear in a hot tub near a structure in the northeast end of the dried lake south of Summersville.
  • One can be found on the first table in the dinner in Watoga (climb the green stairs in front of the station, go through the Super Duper Mart and on your right)

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