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A bottlecap mine is a craftable land mine in Fallout 3. It does five times the damage of a standard frag mine.


Bottlecap mines can be constructed by the player character, using the bottlecap mine schematics. Building it requires a lunchbox, 10 caps, a sensor module, and a cherry bomb. Locating additional schematics allows one to build more bottlecap mines at a time. They need to be armed and placed to be used. The bottlecap mine can be planted on an NPC to kill them.


  • A single bottlecap mine can be found on nearly every workbench in the game, with a few exceptions. This applies to the purchasable workbench for the Megaton house and Tenpenny Tower suite. In shops and other non-player character-owned locations, taking it will usually be considered stealing.
  • Three can be found in the Super-Duper Mart.
  • All of the parts can also be found in Pinkerton's room under Rivet City, including a pile of caps.

In the locations below, all bottlecap mines are found on workbenches.


Bottlecap mine (1 per schematic)


  • Bottlecap mines weigh only one-sixth as much as the sum of their components.
  • When a bottlecap mine explodes, one can hear the "jingling" sound of the bottlecaps.

Behind the scenes

The Vault-Tec lunchbox that the mine is made from is identical to the metal lunchbox you receive with the Collector's Edition of Fallout 3.


Bottlecap mine icon.png
Placing the mine