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All across the United States, in the aftermath of the Great War, the bottle caps of Nuka-Cola are the most commonly used currency.Fallout 4 loading screens

Bottlecaps are miscellaneous items in Fallout 4, which are widely used as currency throughout the post-War United States. Bottlecaps can come from certain drinks, such as Nuka-Cola, beer and other malt beverages.


Bottlecaps are used as currency in the Commonwealth.


Bottlecaps can be found pretty much anywhere in the Commonwealth, in varying amounts.


  • Nuka-Cola caps seen throughout the game either in advertisements, memorabilia or as actual collectible caps such as those thrown out by the bottlecap mine have the classic Nuka-Cola logo on them, but this logo is missing on the cap of the bottled Nuka-Cola item, which is plain red.
  • Bottlecaps are not needed to craft bottlecap mines in Fallout 4. However, bottle caps can be collected from detonated bottlecap mines.
  • With the Fortune Finder perk, there will be a better chance of finding bottlecaps. If this perk is at max rank, there is a chance that enemies explode into a shower of caps upon getting killed.
  • Unlike in previous games, bottlecaps cannot be stored or dropped in Fallout 4.