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Bottle caps are the standard currency of the Capital Wasteland, and a component of the bottlecap mine in Fallout 3.


Bottle caps make a return as the standard currency of the Capital Wasteland. In addition to standard methods of acquiring bottle caps (finding, trading, stealing, killing, etc.), the player will gain a single bottle cap for each bottle of Nuka-Cola consumed. Bottle caps can also be put to use in weapon form as one of the major components of a bottlecap mine. In the Hub in Fallout, bottle caps were backed up by the Hub merchants, with one cap representing one unit of water. In the Capital Wasteland, it is not known if or who backs up the bottle caps as currency or what they represent.


Found everywhere throughout the Capital Wasteland.


  • Despite their intrinsic value, they can often be found in garbage cans and other unlikely locations, probably thrown out by people before the war.
  • Occasionally, bottle caps can be found in Nuka-Cola vending machines.
  • Although bottle caps cannot be dropped, they can be put into other containers (e.g. for safekeeping). However, if you place any in an owned container, you will lose Karma for taking them back out.
  • Only Nuka-Cola and Nuka-Cola Quantum will yield usable bottle caps. Other drinks like scotch and beer will not.
  • It is interesting to note that the origins and importance of bottle caps as currency are never expressly explained to the player character. The game's protagonist is somehow already aware of the economic value of them as soon as they leave Vault 101. Colin Moriarty, however, can vaguely mention their importance as currency but little more. This depends on how the player interacts with him during the Following in His Footsteps quest.


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