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Bottle is one of the two mascots for the Nuka-Cola Corporation at their amusement park, Nuka-World, in 2077.


Bottle, a life-size Nuka-Cola bottle, was used for marketing purposes, and was featured in infomercials and on postcards along with his friend Cappy.

Bottle (along with Cappy) were kidnapped by a raider gang in the quest series "Nabbed from Nuka-World" in Fallout Shelter.


Fallout Shelter

After freeing him and Cappy from the raiders, the pair will appear in your vault from time to time (about once in 30 minutes of active gameplay), and appear immediately the first time. They provide a temporary 20% happiness increase to every dweller in the vault, regardless of which room Bottle and Cappy are in. After they leave, dweller happiness is returned to their previous level. This can greatly help those who have many dwellers with low happiness. Tapping on Bottle while he is waving or dancing will produce bottle caps or 1-5 bottles of Nuka-Cola Quantum. It appears that the chance of receiving Nuka-Cola Quantum can be increased to nearly 100% by first clicking Cappy during his first dance, then Bottle when he starts dancing, although the amount of bottles he drops remains random regardless.


Bottle appears in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World and Fallout Shelter.



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