Botany Class is a miscellaneous quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Miscellaneous quest: Botany Class
Talk to Solomon in Diamond City market.
Accept his request.
(Optional) Go to Forest Grove marsh.
Find a mutated fern flower.
Report back to Solomon.
Reward: 150 XP
100/125/150/200 caps
Buffout x1, Jet x1, Psycho x1

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Solomon in Diamond City market asks the Sole Survivor to find him a mutated fern flower, offering Forest Grove marsh as a possible search location. It is possible to extort him for more money through three separate Charisma checks: 125 caps, 150 caps and 200 caps. Solomon will also reward the player character with Buffout, Jet, and Psycho along with the caps.

Quest stagesEdit

10 Bring a mutated fern flower to Solomon
30Icon checkQuest complete
500Icon crossQuest failed - Solomon dead


  • Even if it is initially refused, the quest can still be accepted later.
  • After handing over a fern and completing the quest, it may be possible to reselect the "looking for work" dialogue, which will assume that you heard the quest and previously refused it. ("You reconsidered getting that Mutated Fern for me?") However, Solomon will neither take a second fern nor issue a second reward, so this is likely a bug.
  • Strong dislikes agreeing to this quest and likes refusing it. However, if one already has a fern, the "Yes" changes to "Already have it" and will not yield any affinity changes.
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