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The Boston mayoral shelter is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287, created to shelter the mayor of Boston and his family from the nuclear strike in 2077.[1]


Before the Great War, the mayor constructed the luxurious nuclear shelter at the taxpayers' expense, answering to his wife's every demand, such as a minibar, a fireplace, a home theater, and even a full-sized gym, while many people were simply left for dead outside.[2]

After the bombs fell, a mob of angry citizens gathered outside the shelter, demanding entrance and blood. The mayor committed suicide by dropping a radio into the bathtub. His goal was to have his wife produce his corpse to placate the angry crowd, in hopes they would spare her and his child. However, the crowd stormed the shelter before she even knew of his demise.[3]


The entrance to the shelter consists of a bunker and a control room to the immediate north. In front of the bunker is a digger with a door lying in front of it, linked to its bucket by cables. This used to be the door to the bunker but was pulled off by the angry mob trying to enter. The entrance has many skeletons in it; two appear to have been guards, and the rest are possibly part of the mob. The door to the shelter is controlled by a terminal in a security building just to the north of the entrance.

The shelter itself consists of multiple layers, including a gym, sleeping quarters, and a maintenance room with a crafting bench and armor crafting station. Initially, the door will be locked and the Sole Survivor must activate an unlocked terminal in the nearby control room.

While in the bunker, several holotapes can be found documenting the events surrounding the bunker's population. As the Sole Survivor wanders deeper into the bunker, human remains can be found in two different rooms.

There is a button upstairs in the gym that unlocks a shortcut back to the entrance. Alternatively, the player character can take a right turn when exiting the elevator (gas leak) and use a pipe to traverse to the lower level.

When the player character enters the shelter, the only hostiles at first will be the three laser turrets. As soon as the player character sets foot in the gym, synths will appear throughout the shelter and occupy it. If not friendly with the Institute, one can fight through all of them back to the entrance or bypass a majority of them with the pipe in the gym. Entering the rough tunnel through the southwest corner of the gym will cause a deathclaw to enter through a hole in the ceiling as the player character approaches the light, which is a scripted event.

Notable loot

  • Astoundingly Awesome Tales - Found in the room just past the bathroom at the end of the hallway containing the mayor's skeleton and master safe, located on the small table to the right of the bed.
  • Boston shelter - mayor's goodbye - Holotape, in the locked bathroom mentioned above.
  • Fat Man - Found in the south cave branching off from the gym. Approaching the Fat Man will trigger the spawning of a leveled deathclaw and it is recommended that the player character be ready to deal with it in close quarters, though it will not follow through small apertures, e.g. the pipe.
  • Boston shelter - guard update - Holotape, found in the room with the Master terminal-locked security cage.
  • Boston mayoral shelter bathroom key - In a dresser next to a terminal, same room as the guard update holotape. Opens the bathroom door. Another copy is in one of the houses of the West Everett Estates, in a dresser next to a crib.
  • Boston mayoral shelter safe key - In a suitcase found in a storage room upstairs. Opens a safe.
  • Boston shelter - where are you? Holotape, in the utility room off the gym, near the skeleton of the mayor's wife.
  • Fusion core - In a generator in the utility room off the gym, the same room as the Boston shelter - where are you? holotape mentioned above.
  • Mini nuke - In the utility room in front of fusion core generator, on the shelf of the wall-mounted cabinet to the right of the weapons workbench.
  • Stealth Boy - In the tunnel leading to the entrance of the shelter. Look to the right for a skeleton of a soldier inside a small dead end corner.
  • Overdue book - In the kids' room just east of the mayor's bedroom.
  • Mr. Gutsy model kit - In the same room as the overdue book.
  • Bottlecap mine - At a dead end behind a cymbal monkey, toward the end of the long red pipe tunnel that serves as an alternate entrance to the gym.

Related quests

  • Learning Curve: After speaking with Proctor Quinlan, the Sole Survivor can agree to escort a Brotherhood scribe on a research patrol. They will travel together to acquire data and return it to the Prydwen to further the Brotherhood's aims.
  • Variable Removal: PAM has intel on a courser in the field. An unchecked courser can cause tremendous damage to the Railroad and the Sole Survivor is tasked with eliminating it.
  • Quartermastery: Scribe Haylen has identified the location of a piece of technology she wishes to retrieve and catalog. She asks the Sole Survivor for help in bringing back the technology in one piece.
  • Randolph Safehouse: The Railroad agent Mister Tims will leave dead drops in the form of six holotapes for the Sole Survivor, containing information about possible hazards to the Railroad's escort and escape of synths out of the Commonwealth. They can assist in these efforts by clearing out the location of hostiles.
  • Cleansing the Commonwealth: Knight Rhys gives the Sole Survivor an assignment to clear the location of what he calls "abominations" to further the aims of the Brotherhood of Steel.


  • The laser turrets shoot the blue beams of Institute-affiliated weaponry instead of the usual red ones.
    • The turrets will not be hostile towards the player character if they are on good terms with the Institute.
  • The synths spawn regardless of whether the Institute is still active or not.
  • A teddy bear can be found in the children's bedroom with wooden blocks next to it spelling "I AM D."
  • A teddy bear can be found holding a baby rattle and sitting in a wheelchair, behind the upturned minecart at the bottom of the stairs leading to the gym locker room.

Companion comments

  • When at this location, companions make comments, which are activated at the basketball court.
Location comments
Character Comment
Cait "I'm guess this is where the mayor used to play with his balls."
Codsworth "Up for a bit of sport, sir/mum? I could give you quite the run for your money."
Curie "Ah. Basketball. I have read about this. Now, you must dribble."
Danse "Why would politicians need a sporting arena? It makes no sense."
Deacon "You up for some hoops? I could've gone pro, you know."
John Hancock "Oh yeah. This seems like a real good use of public funds."
Nick Valentine "No luxury too great for those at the top."
Piper Wright "I'll never understand the games of the past. Give me Red Menace any day of the week."
Preston Garvey "What was this for? Some kind of sport?"
Robert MacCready "We used to have a hoop setup in Little Lamplight until Eclair broke the darn thing."
X6-88 "This looks like a combat arena, but I'm not sure what the hoops were for."


The Boston mayoral shelter appears only in Fallout 4.



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