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The Boston Police rationing site is a location in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4. The intended way to enter is to jump on to the roof via jumping on the shipping containers, blue rail car, walk around to the side and enter through a broken wall on the second floor. It can be also entered by performing a power armor jump next to the barred door, or by throwing explosives, either of which will dislodge the bar and open the door. Several mole rats are located inside, including a glowing mole rat and a mole rat brood mother.

Inside, there is an entrance to the Mass Pike Tunnel.


The site consists of a yard adjacent to a railroad and a section of a train. On this yard there is a small two story warehouse containing shipping crates, a locked steamer trunk, and an entrance to the mass pike tunnel. Stepping on the ground floor will trigger the spawning of several mole rats, including a brood mother. A temporary office with a terminal can be found on the lot too. In the utility tunnels, there is a chemistry station and a power armor station.


  • There's a firefighter protectron that can be activated inside the main building.
  • It's possible to hop on the train cars and then navigate around the top of the construction equipment and over the roof to access the warehouse via a second story broken window. Once inside, the door can be unbarred and a switch opens the larger entrance.
  • There is a fusion core just inside the maintenance tunnel.


The Boston Police rationing site only appears in Fallout 4.

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