To Pacify and Indemnify.
East Boston police station terminal entries

The Boston Police Department was the law enforcement and investigation agency for the city of Boston and the Greater Boston area before the Great War.


Before the war, the force was undertaking Operation: Winter's End, the mission of building a case against and capturing Edward Winter. The investigation was closed in October 2077, much to the anger of the population of Massachusetts. The force was also working alongside the United States Armed Forces at the Boston Police rationing site and Mass Pike Tunnel, protecting and supplying rations for the civilian population. The BPD also worked alongside the Bureau of Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, Firearms and Lasers, the United States Coast Guard, and other law enforcement agencies from surrounding areas in their efforts to stop crime.

Known investigationsEdit


Organized CrimeEdit

  • Operation Winter's End, an investigation into local crime boss Eddie Winter and the various crimes committed by his syndicate. In reality, the investigation was used by the BADTFL as a cover for Winter's cooperation with the bureau.
  • Gametitle-FO4 CC An undercover investigation into Cambridge crime boss Louie Trevisani led by officers from Precinct 8.



  • Assault with a weapon on a BPD officer by Steven on the orders of Eddie Winter.
  • Stabbing of a waiter in Charlestown by Arthur Black.
  • Assault and battery with knuckle dusters and a baseball bat by Vincent.



The exact structure of the Boston Police Department is unknown, but some inferences can be made. Although only three BPD stations are found in-game, the department was divided into at least eight precincts, as evidenced by Police Precinct 8 which can be found between Diamond City and the Boston Public Library. The rank structure included at least patrolmen, officers, and detectives, with the only mentioned members with other ranks outside of Creation Club being Sergeant Randall and Captain Widmark.

Divisions and locationsEdit



The Boston Police Department is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


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