The Boston Massacre was an event prior to the American Revolutionary War that occurred in Boston.


On March 5th, 1770, a crowd had gathered around British soldiers at Custom House Tower. After throwing objects at the guards and tempting them to shoot, the soldiers proceeded to do so; firing into the crowd of Boston civilians, killing five and injuring six others. Among one of the victims was Crispus Attucks, the first African-American to die for the American cause in the Revolutionary War. Prominent Americans such as Paul Revere and Samuel Adams used the massacre as propaganda to support their pro-revolution cause. Victims of the Boston Massacre are buried at the Old Granary burying ground.[1][2]


The Boston Massacre is mentioned only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

The Boston Massacre is a real world event that likewise took place on March 5, 1770, in Boston, British America.



  1. Old Granary burying ground placard: "The Granary Burying Grounds were established in 1660 - making it the oldest surviving burial ground in Boston. Many famous Revolutionary War heroes were buried here including: John Hancock, Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, and the victims of the Boston Massacre. In 2031, after the tragic death of Emilia Butler, the city council voted unanimously to have her remains interred here."
    (Boston landmark inscriptions)
  2. Old State House placard: "Built in 1713, the Old State House is the oldest public building in Boston. During the years before the Revolutionary War, this building was a hotbed for the ideas and ideals that would result in revolution. It was here that John Adams said, "the child Independence was born." In 1770, right outside its doors, the Boston Massacre took place where five American colonistIn-game spelling died inciting rage against the British occupation. The Old State House was the seat of Massachusetts government until the New State House was constructed in 1798."
    (Boston landmark inscriptions)
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