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The Boston Bugle building terminal entries are a series of entries found on two identical terminals in the Boston Bugle building in Fallout 4. One more terminal is added with the Creation Club content "Pint-Sized Slasher."

Boston Bugle article terminal[]


The Boston Bugle
Trumpeting Truth for Over 50 Years

Front Page News
October 19, 2077 - October 23, 2077
Copyright The Boston Bugle, 2077. Articles may not be reprinted without permission of the Editor in Chief.

Article 1[]


Case Closed on Crime Boss Eddie Winter
By Mags Veccio
Boston Bugle Staff Writer

In a move that has shocked and angered the people of Massachusetts, the Boston Police Department announced last night that they have ceased all investigations into the actions of reputed organized crime boss Edward "Eddie" Winter.

Speaking on behalf of the special task force that had been assembled specifically to build a case against Winter, Captain Jonathan Widmark of the BPD said, "After reviewing the evidence with our colleagues at the Bureau of Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, Firearms and Lasers, it became clear that we were, in fact, wrong. Eddie Winter has indeed had a colorful history. But it is not a criminal history. By pursuing our case against Mister Winter, we would simply continue to waste taxpayer dollars and, even worse, condemn an innocent man."

It was an unexpected turn of events, to be sure. According to the Boston Bugle's confidential sources within the Boston Police Department, the "innocent man" was anything but. As uncovered by Captain Widmark's official investigation, codenamed "Operation Winter's End," Eddie Winter was involved in every crime imaginable, from petty larceny to first-degree murder. And although nothing was proved, everyone on Widmark's task force suspected Winter in the August homicide death of their lead detective's fiancé, a miss Jennifer Lands.

Whatever the truth, it would appear the city of Boston has nothing more to fear from Eddie Winter. When approached for comment, the alleged crime boss could not be reached. In fact, his South Boston sub shop has been shuttered, and his harborside residence completely cleaned out. Eddie Winter, it would seem, has disappeared.

Article 2[]


China Showdown - the Atomic Ultimatum
By Mags Veccio
Boston Bugle Staff Writer


Has there been any extended period of time in recent memory in which soldiers have not fought, bled, and died, all for the sake of furthering the political goals of one government or another? The short answer is "no." The longer, more terrifying answer is that we have not yet begun to experience the extent of human suffering.

From Anchorage in frigid Alaska, to Shantou on our enemy's doorstep, American troops have been embroiled in brutal battle. They have taken and lost many lives, a nearly uncountable number. But not entirely. Because the truth is, the casualties have been countable. These conflicts, however horrible, have all been, in some inexplicable, perverted way... manageable.

Through taxes and various wartime revenues, the United States government has been able to fund a standing army the likes of which this country has never before seen. The same is certainly true of our mortal foe, China. And with each dollar spent comes a natural accounting of how that dollar was spent. Every bullet, every bunker-busting bomb, every body bag: soon after each is used in the theater of war, we know every how, when and where.

But the sad, obvious truth is that the days of manageable war have nearly come to an end. In the minds of the world's great leaders, those billions of dollars haven't merely been spent - they've been wasted. Because here we are, after more than a decade of constant warfare, with no clear end - and no clear winner - in sight. So really, at this point, what other option do these superpowers have, if not the nuclear one? And therein, of course, lies the rub. For when China or the United States launches its nuclear missiles, and drops its atomic bombs, there will be no one left to count the casualties, let alone the ordnance. No one left to declare victory.

So then only one question remains: Is there any way the powers of the world can prevent a nuclear apocalypse? If there is any hope left for the world, we must believe the answer is "yes."

But these are hopeless times.

Article 3[]


Boston Food Riots Continue
By Buster Connolly
Boston Bugle Staff Writer

In what can only be described as a scene of absolute pandemonium, on Friday afternoon soldiers of the United States Army's 184th Infantry Regiment opened fire on a group of unarmed civilians after an unknown person smashed the plate glass window of the Roxbury Food Bank, prompting several people in the line outside to storm into the establishment. As of yesterday evening, at least four people were confirmed dead and eight others injured, but Jonathan Corman, spokesman for the Army, insists the troops acted within their authority.

"The soldiers in question issued explicit verbal warnings several times. Those people knew exactly what would happen if they broke the line and attacked the food bank. Hunger is no excuse for civil disobedience, vandalism or - in this case - starting a riot that puts the lives of every civilian in the area at risk. It is the role of the United States Army to maintain order in this difficult time, and that is exactly what happened in this instance. I would also like to point out that the soldiers of the 184th Infantry Regiment have not had a food ration in two days. These men and women understand hunger probably better than anyone."

It is a response the American people have grown accustomed to, as violent scenes like the one in Roxbury have played out again and again, across the country, as a starving populace tries desperately to obtain food for its families. And, as has happened so many times in the past, the civilian witnesses of the so-called riot tell a different tale. Eighty-five year old grandmother Hannah Henry was in line at the food bank, and claims the soldiers had anything but order and liberty on their minds.

"They were laughing! Joking about who they were going to shoot first. It was all a game to them. Those soldiers may not have fired on the crowd before that window got broke, but they was looking forward to it all the same."

One can only hope that the violence in Roxbury will be the last such incident our country has to suffer through. But until America finds the strength to question its domestic policies - and the food to feed its people - the future remains uncertain.

Article 4[]


White House Remains Empty - Where is our President?
By Mags Veccio
Boston Bugle Staff Writer

For more than half a year, the West Wing of America's most famous residence has remained shrouded in near complete darkness. A skeleton crew of manual laborers remains on staff to maintain the property, but nobody has lived - or worked politically - there for several months. And even though the White House Press Corps was unofficially and unceremoniously disbanded around the same time, the media has remained steadfast in answering that most important of questions:

Where is our President?

At first, the assumption was that the entirety of the United States government had moved operations to Raven Rock, the military operations center located in the mountainous region of Pennsylvania just a few miles northeast of the Presidential retreat in Camp David, Maryland. But further investigations have revealed that neither the President nor his Cabinet have been to the Raven Rock complex in over a year.

So if not Raven Rock, then where?

Thanks to an extensive and exhaustive investigation, the Boston Bugle has uncovered the answer, and our readers will likely consider it as strange as it is shocking:

The President has been leading our country from a Poseidon Energy oil rig just off the coast of San Francisco.

It's certainly an odd choice for a Presidential command center. Or is it? Not as much as it may seem, as our investigation discovered. Thanks to the testimony of a highly-placed anonymous source, the Boston Bugle has learned that the official designation of the oil rig is actually "Control Station Enclave" - giving credence to the long-running rumors of a secret, militarized "shadow government," known as the Enclave, that would take control of the United States in the event of a nuclear conflagration.

And so, the mystery of the missing President has finally been solved. But in doing so, has the Boston Bugle also uncovered evidence that the end of the world, in the form of total atomic war, is also at hand?

Sadly, the President's silence seems to speak volumes.

Article 5[]


Boston Headed for First World Series Win Since 1918!
By Buster Connolly
Boston Bugle Staff Writer

As every resident of Boston is painfully aware, it has been 159 years since this city has reveled in the joy of a World Series victory. Whether from strike out, error in the outfield, or ball that rolls disastrously through an infielder's legs, defeat has remained our constant, unwelcome companion.

But not for long!

In what has been one of the most exciting World Series races in decades, Boston has achieved a three-games-to-none lead over the "unbeatable" Texas favorite. Batting, fielding and pitching have all aligned - thanks largely to the direction of legendary coach Dusty Wilder - giving this year's team the best chance they've had for victory in, well, forever.

Even more encouraging than game four being played here in Boston is the fact that the team has yet to utilize their star pitcher, Matt "The Missile" Murtagh. With him on the mound, some are actually predicting not only a series-shattering win, but a no-hitter to boot.

Yes, for years, the concession stands of Boston have fed baseball fans a steady diet of beer, hot dogs, peanuts and bitter defeat. But on Saturday, October 23rd, 2077, the only thing that could snatch away victory is an act of God, or some obscene calamity of man.

Tomorrow, my friends, the unthinkable will finally come to pass. And life in Boston will never be the same again.

Larry's terminal[]



Larry's Haul Report[]


Oh man, these past few hauls have been great! Here's what I've got so far:

3 Important-lookin' car parts
1 Alarm clock
1 Wrench
3 Light bulbs
2 Fuses
4 Packets of smokes
1 Baseball glove
1 Chessboard
2 Clothes hangers

Gotta start plannin' my trip to Diamond City soon.

Journal Entries[]

Entry 1 - Score![]


I was out on one of my usual runs, and I found this place! Seems to be some pre-war newspaper office. Plenty of articles similar to what that Piper chick writes over in Diamond City.

Anyway, the building's completely deserted. I managed to wipe this terminal so I can use it to keep track of my junk. All it had on it was some old articles anyway. Some stuff about survivors, but that was years ago.

Anyway, I even managed to activate the Protectron - I got my own personal bodyguard!

Things are looking up for ol' Larry!

Entry 2 - Gotta avoid Monsignor Plaza[]


Not gonna try that again. I decided to head up to that fancy-sounding place; Monsignor Plaza. Figured there'd be some sweet loot I could salvage from some of the shops in there.

Way too much effort dodging all them mutants, but once I got into the plaza things looked promising. Managed to peek into this bookstore which had some toys and comics too.

Weirdest thing was there was some creepy costume in a display box on the counter, but before I could open the box some raiders found me and started shootin'! Worst of all, I had to drop my caps stash. Barely got out alive.

Entry 3 - Feelin' watched[]


Man, I got it made up here. Central Boston - a scavver's paradise...

And yet, something don't feel right.

I swear there's something lurkin' in the shadows. Something with the strangest silhouette. It sorta looked like that costume over in Monsignor Plaza.

Might be time to pack up and find somewhere else. This place gives me the creeps.