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For an overview of the Boston Bugle in the Fallout universe, see Boston Bugle.

The Boston Bugle building is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287. One of the Weathervane quests takes place here.


The Boston Bugle building has a relatively small interior. The door accessed from the street leads into a lobby area with a receptionist desk and an elevator. The elevator leads into an office area with a collapsed floor. This area will be guarded by a lone, hostile protectron. On the same level as the protectron is a terminal, as well as another one on the lower floor (through the collapsed flooring). Those two terminals detail the same events that happened before and during the Great War. Along the south wall of the lowest floor, there is a steamer trunk and stairwell leading back up to the upper floor.

A wooden door on the west side of the upper floor leads out to a ruined office with a vantage point for MILA and a locked floor safe (Novice lock) next to the desk.

Notable loot

  • Vault-Tec lunchbox - found in a blue box that can be seen as soon as you exit the elevator.


  • Article 5 in the Boston Bugle article terminal on the desk to the left after stepping off of the elevator talks about how the Red Sox haven't won a World Series since 1918.
  • Article 4 in the Boston Bugle article terminal has a reference to Raven Rock from Fallout 3. It also contains a reference to the Oil Rig used as an Enclave base in Fallout 2 and is even named as "Control Station Enclave" in the article.
  • The timeline diverges from the real world sometime after World War 2, so anything could have happened, including the Red Sox not winning the World Series in 2004, 2007 and 2013. However, the mention of a "ball that rolls disastrously through an infielder's legs" probably refers to the famous real-world error by Red Sox first baseman Bill Buckner in the World Series which is popularly blamed for allowing the series victory to go to the New York Mets.
  • Another indication of how the timeline has differed is the mention of Boston's opponent as Texas. The Texas Rangers have been an American League team since its inception, and thus wouldn't play the Red Sox in the World Series, although teams have changed leagues in real life, and it's possible that the Fallout timeline's Texas team was never in the AL to begin with.
  • The article states that the game will take place on October 23, 2077 and that it will take "some obscene calamity of man" to keep Boston from winning, which is exactly what happened, as October 23, 2077 is the date of the Great War.


The Boston Bugle building only appears in Fallout 4.


PCIcon pc The door to the Boston Bugle may not work. It can be opened but will not cause the user to zone into the building. Saving and reloading does not fix this issue, however leaving the area and returning does. [verified]


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