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For an overview of the Boston Bugle in the Fallout universe, see Boston Bugle.

The Boston Bugle and rolled Boston Bugle are pre-War newspapers from Boston.


The Boston Bugle is a junk item in Fallout 4 which can be scrapped to obtain cloth.

The rolled Boston Bugle is a rolled Boston Bugle newspaper, visually identical to the delivered Boston Bugle. However, the rolled variant is categorized as junk.


The Boston Bugle can be broken down into its individual components for use in crafting:

Boston Bugle (1)
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Cloth (1)


There is only one sealed copy in the game, this is located near Northy's hideout south of Wattz Consumer Electronics, sitting on the ground next to the mailbox by the bus shelter.



Case Closed on Crime Boss Eddie Winter

In a move that has shocked and angered the people of Massachusetts, the Boston...

Jonathan Widmark of the BPD said: "After reviewing the evidence with our colleagues at...

It was an unexpected turn of events, to be sure. According to the Boston Bugle's confidential sources within the Boston Police Department, the "innocent man" was anything but. As uncovered by Captain Widmark's official investigation, codenamed "Operation Winter's End," Eddie Winter was involved in every crime imaginable, from petty larceny to first-degree murder. And although nothing was proved, everyone on Widmark's task force suspected Winter in the August homicide death of their lead detective's fiancé, a miss Jennifer Lands.

Whatever the truth, it would...

The full article can be found in Boston Bugle building terminal entries.

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