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Trumpeting Truth for Over 50 Years.— Company slogan

The Boston Bugle was a pre-War newspaper published in Boston.


This paper was founded over fifty years before the Great War. Buster Connolly, Mags Veccio, and Tim Stahl wrote award-winning columns for this paper.

Known facilities

Known products

Known articles

  • Anchorage Front Line Holds Strong[1][2]
  • Boston Food Riots Continue[3]
  • Boston Headed for First World Series Win Since 1918![4]
  • Boston vs. Washington in World Series Showdown![5]
  • Case Closed on Crime Boss Eddie Winter[6]
  • China Showdown - the Atomic Ultimatum[7]
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum - Worth all the Hubub?[8]
  • White House Remains Empty - Where is our President?[9]


The Boston Bugle building appears in Fallout 4. Issues of the Boston Bugle newspaper can be found throughout the Commonwealth.

Behind the scenes

The company is mentioned in a promotional item that came with the real world Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI FM radio module, Boston Bugle Volume 12.