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The Boston Airport ruins are a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


The Boston Airport ruins are an intricate series of tunnels, collapsed parking garages, offices, and industrial utilities. It is mostly inhabited by feral ghouls.

Notable loot

Related quest


  • Accessing the terminal in the luggage area will trigger the beginning of the miscellaneous quest Find the Treasures of Jamaica Plain as well as updating the map for various other locations around the Commonwealth.
  • The elevator shaft to the left of the entrance has an accessible door on the next floor up, which, if accessed by power armor jetpack, leads to an out-of-bounds state. This can be exploited to access Clarke directly: landing on the lowest level of rubble, next to the green steamer trunk, directly behind the elevator shafts, will put the player character beyond Clarke's feral observation room, allowing progress on the quest Duty or Dishonor in a fraction of the time, without encountering a single feral ghoul.
  • If one listens closely they can sometimes hear ambient sounds like power-armored Brotherhood soldiers walking around upstairs (after they have moved in).
  • If using console command tmm 1 to reveal all locations on the map, the map marker of Boston Airport ruins is not revealed.

Companion comments

  • When at this location companions make comments, which are activated at the parking garage section.
Location comments
Character Comment
Cait "This is the perfect place to get jumped."
Codsworth "Plenty of cars down here. Wonder if any are still working."
Curie "So many cars."
Danse "Select your targets carefully down here. These automobiles tend to explode when struck by weapon's fire."
Deacon "Watch your fire. It doesn't take much to set off a car."
John Hancock "Hey. Check your fire. Lot of fission engines down here."
Nick Valentine "Goodness. Mind your fire down here. Couple stray bullets and this whole place could go up."
Piper Wright "Death by nuclear car isn't how I want to go."
Preston Garvey "If we get in a firefight down here, make sure you hit what you're aiming at. This whole place is just waiting to blow."
Robert MacCready "Reminder. Cars and bullets don't mix."
X6-88 "Damn... every one of these cars is a bomb waiting to go off."


The Boston Airport ruins appear only in Fallout 4.