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Bosco is a raider boss operating inside D.B. Technical High School in 2287.


Bosco is the leader of the raiders established inside the D.B. Technical High School, who at one time was affiliated with the trader Eleanor.[1] Together with Cleaver and Torque, he successfully raided the Shamrock Taphouse and struck a deal with its surviving inhabitants afterward; part of his ambitious plan to take over the downtown Boston area.[2] During a follow-up raid at Back Street Apparel, he was bitten on the hand by one of Torque's mongrels,[3] after which he began to experience temper control issues, which led him to believe that the mongrel might have been carrying a disease, presumably rabies.[4]

His mental health started to decline, as he began to suspect that his gang members were poisoning the water sources around him, upon which he decided to take residence in the school's basement, in order to access its "safe water."[5] Drifting further into a delusional state, he started to hallucinate about a fictional "Beast" laying in wait, which he thought to be responsible for killing his men, leaving him trophies, and covering him in blood as he was sleeping.[6] Later on, some of his men finally found the head of the "Beast,"[7] which turned out to be the school mascot's bear head. Bosco has worn the bear head ever since. Given these events and Bosco's declining mental state and reclusive tendencies, it is implied that Bosco himself was the "beast" which was killing his own men.

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

38 Paradigm of Humanity
This character has no special interactions.

Effects of player's actions[]



Bosco's XP yield is set to zero.


Bosco appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes[]

Bosco is named in reference to the real world counterpart to D.B. Technical High School, Don Bosco Technical High School, whose school mascot was a bear. The lead designer of Fallout 4, Emil Pagliarulo, attended the school.[Non-game 1]


PCPC If killed, Bosco will sometimes spawn again with the same name and a new model and characteristics (including changing gender to female), but without the mascot headwear. [verified]




  1. The History of Bethesda Game Studios - Emil Pagliarulo: "A raider boss named Bosco, he has a bear. So it was the Don Bosco Bear was my mascot back in high school, so goofy stuff like that, yeah."