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This is a transcript for dialogue with Boomer.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 SFZ14_Bomb_BoomerIntroScene 0015C674 It is now your responsibility as an able-bodied citizen to carry out the duty of this Bomb Disposal Unit, code name, Boomer.
2 0015C676 Information will be uploaded to your Pip-Boy. Locate and recover the explosive device or devices to fulfill your civic duty.
3 001244A7 Good luck, citizen. Your chance of success is 47.93%.
4 Random_Idles 001244DF Precinct unresponsive. Request for repairs failed.
5 001244E7 Hardware malfunction detected. Unit is immobile.
6 001244EF Civic duties are their own reward.
7 003AF166 Operation success will be acknowledged and rewarded.
8 Player_Activated_Hellos 001244B7 Status report. Suspect unknown. Potential affiliations: Free States, Watoga Saboteur, Communist party sympathizers.
9 001244C0 Hesitation is discouraged. Deputy duty failure is punishable by law.
10 001244C9 Your compliance is expected, deputy citizen. Experience disarming explosives is a benefit but not required.
11 0015C675 Greetings able-bodied citizen. Under law enforcement code D-4793, you are now a deputy of the Berkeley Springs Police Department.
12 00585598 0058559B Sensors detect considerably more human activity recently.
13 Bomb Disposal is as important now as ever.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 SFZ14_Boomer_Shared 003B2619 Precinct unresponsive. Request for repairs failed.
2 003B261A Hardware malfunction. Unit is immobile and requires assistance.
3 003B261B BDS unit, Boomer, requesting repairs.
4 003B261C Running diagnostics. Malfunction re-confirmed. BDS unit, Boomer, still immobile.
5 003B261D Checking status. Identity of saboteur remains unknown. Civilians advised to exercise caution.
6 003B2616 Criminal behavior observed. Contacting precinct.
7 Precinct unresponsive.
8 003B2617 Antisocial behavior in a public area will not be tolerated.
9 003B2618 All combat weapons must be properly registered and authorized for use.
10 003B2612 Murder is a crime, punishable by death.
11 003B2613 Unable to pursue murder suspect due to hardware malfunction.
12 003B2614 Murder suspect is encouraged to standby for disciplinary action.