"Boogie Man" is a song played on Galaxy News Radio. It was composed by Sid Phillips. It appears on the KPM CD Archives Series Volume Six - 1940s and 1950s, only available for production music licensing from APM Music.


The details of the song's history are somewhat undocumented, save for the fact that it was performed by Sid Phillips and it was published sometime between the 1940s-1950s.

The Archives Series CD features a naming error. The track listing for #43 "Boogie Man" used in Fallout 3 also features an alternate 2:37 version which has a completely different melody.

However, the alternate 2:37 version matches the melody of #42 "Treadin' Light." "Treadin' Light"'s track listing also features an alternate 2:56 version which does not match its parent song listing. Instead, the 2:56 version is a longer arrangement of Fallout 3's "Boogie Man."

In addition, the Archives Series CD is also a partial reissue of the KPM Brownsleeve album, KPM 047A To 052B (KPM LP 9).[1][2] "Treadin' Light" and "Boogie Man" are listed as tracks 048A and 048B, respectively.

The recordings as presented on the Brownsleeve record indicate that Fallout 3's version of "Boogie Man" was originally a shortened version of Treadin' Light. Between the Brownsleeve issue and the CD reissue, the names "Treadin' Light" and "Boogie Man" were swapped as alternate arrangements were prepared.


It is an instrumental piece, and thus has no lyrics.


Boogie Man [1]

Boogie Man - Sid Phillips

Boogie Man - Sid Phillips

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