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"City of Lost Angels"
The city of Los Angeles must have been the largest in the world before the War. The L.A. Boneyard stretched forever, the skeletons of buildings lying under the hot sun. Not even the wind entered this dead city.Fallout 2 manual

The Boneyard (also known as the Angel's Boneyard or L.A. Boneyard) is the collective name given to the ruins of the pre-War city of Los Angeles, California, within which numerous small settlements emerged after the Great War.[1][2] The ruined urban sprawl would later become part of the New California Republic, incorporated as the "state of Los Angeles."[3]


Los Angeles Pre-War

The first nuclear weapons strike Los Angeles.

Originally the city of Los Angeles before the Great War, Los Angeles was the site of Hollywood, the engine of American filmmaking which produced motion pictures in a wide variety of genres. However, the 2070s saw a marked shift in the industry as figures became blacklisted as communists, and corporate interests such as Vault-Tec, General Atomics, and Nuka-Cola became increasingly influential in the industry. Some actors protested this corporate involvement, in particular refusing to work with Cooper Howard over his relationship with Vault-Tec.

The headquarters of Vault-Tec Industries' Southern California division was built in the vicinity of Los Angeles. The building was the site of a key meeting in the planning of the Vault experiments, with Vault-Tec executives Bud Askins and Barb Howard meeting with industry figures Robert House, Frederick Sinclair, Julia Masters, and Leon Von Felden to propose corporate ownership and design of the Vaults and their experiments.[4] Vault-Tec would also choose the city for a number of its projects: a demonstration Vault was built in L.A. to publicly highlight the feasibility and desirability of Vault life, though it was not meant to actually be used. Los Angeles County was also the site of four actual experimental Vaults: the Three Vaults (Vault 31, Vault 32, and Vault 33) were built under Santa Monica, designed to breed a caste of "super managers" with the use of cryogenic pods for Vault-Tec employees; Vault 4 was built separately, used both as a research facility for Vault-Tec's Hawthorne Medical Laboratories division and as a demonstration of Vault life for pre-War Americans.

Los Angeles was struck by at least four nuclear bombs during the Great War, forcing citizens to flee and scramble into the closest fallout shelters. As the L.A. demonstration Vault was not intended for actual use, it lacked a social experiment, and it succeeded in guarding a small portion of the population from the blasts. Meanwhile, the other four Vaults around Los Angeles also succeeded in preserving their occupants through the nuclear holocaust.

After the Great War, the Boneyard was founded by those emerging from the demonstration Vault in 2092, subsequently attracting survivors.[Non-game 1] These survivors also founded Adytum, then fenced sections in the suburbs of the old Los Angeles and started the Regulators. Some founded other gangs, like the Blades and the Rippers. Although the Gun Runners eventually staked out a presence in the city, they were not from there originally.[5]

Gangs and Adytum[]

Main article: Adytum

In 2155, the Master learned the location of the demonstration Vault, conquered the inhabitants and set up operations there, and the human cultists began to use the vault as their power base. Eventually, a monumental building known as the Cathedral was constructed above the vault. The cultists thus became known as the Children of the Cathedral. Of those that remained in the Vault, most became the Master's servants and members of the Children of the Cathedral. Those that left could be part of almost any organization in L.A.[Non-game 2]

In the 2150s, a pack of deathclaws appeared in the Boneyard, taking over the base of the Rippers. In 2158, Jon Zimmerman, the town's mayor, hired a band of mercenaries known as the Regulators to help protect Adytum from the deathclaws and the odd random attack by raiders, who by 2161 were in control of Adytum.[6] The Vault Dweller remarked in their memoirs that they "found many enemies, and a few friends, in the Boneyard. [They] killed when necessary and learned more about the nature of [their] true foes." Sometime during their journey in the Boneyard, they killed the deathclaws which allowed the Gun Runners to expand their business.

State of the New California Republic[]

By 2189, the Boneyard became one of the states of the New California Republic and Adytum became known as New Adytum, holding seats in the NCR Senate.[7]

As one of the largest cities in NCR territory, it was a natural choice for many organizations to place their headquarters. Thus, by 2281, the Boneyard is host to the Republic Reserve[8] and the Follower's Angel's Boneyard Medical University[9] among many others. However, some people that live there claim it is not the best place to grow up,[10] indicating the NCR still has some work to do and are working to fix it.[11]

Destruction of Shady Sands and regional NCR decline[]

FOTV Griffith Observatory

Post-War Los Angeles (2296), seen from Griffith Observatory

With the destruction of Shady Sands not long after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, NCR presence in the Boneyard was markedly diminished. By 2296, the NCR in the region was restricted largely to an outpost at Griffith Observatory led by Lee Moldaver, seen as little more than a local warlord's territory. Overall, the NCR's decline led to a power vacuum in the region, with most of the territory left uncontrolled. Settlements such as Filly and Vault 4 are independent, with varying levels of exposure to the outside world. One gang has also declared itself "the governmint" with the intent to spread its influence across the city.

In 2296, Moldaver led a group of raiders to infiltrate Vault 32 (whose inhabitants had seemingly wiped each other out circa two years back) and then Vault 33, with the intent of abducting Hank MacLean, the Vault-Tec employee responsible for the destruction of Shady Sands. This was mainly done so that, as a Vault-Tec employee, he could provide the codes for Moldaver to activate the cold fusion reactor she built in Griffith Observatory, which would help reestablish order by creating unlimited energy. A vital component was to be brought by Enclave defector Siggi Wilzig, but the journey was completed by Hank's daughter Lucy MacLean after Wilzig's death. Lee Moldaver revealed to Lucy her father's involvement in destroying Shady Sands on behalf of Vault-Tec, and with the delivered component and Hank's codes, finally activated her cold fusion generator.

However, the Brotherhood, also on the hunt for Wilzig and tracking his remains to Griffith Observatory (having taken the settlement of Filly) assaulted the base. Despite being armed with anti-air defenses, the Brotherhood were able to swiftly take the outpost with some casualties. In the fight, Hank MacLean managed to escape by commandeering a suit of Brotherhood T-60 power armor, while the Brotherhood stood victorious, now in control of the observatory and likely all of L.A., which now was being lit up by the functional cold fusion reactor.


The Boneyard can be found one square west and 17 squares south of Vault 13.


The Boneyard is divided into five sections.

Boneyard Library Boneyard Downtown Deathclaw warehouse Fortress


Fo1 Boneyard Adytum

Watch yourself, we'll be watching you

Main article: Adytum

The first location on entering the Boneyard is Adytum, one of its most important settlements. It is an enclosed community, surrounded by barbed wire and seemingly protected by a militia called the Regulators. In 2241, after the Boneyard became one of the states of the NCR, the Adytum was renamed the New Adytum.


Fo1 Boneyard Nightclub

Not good to be stuck between the Regulators and the deathclaws

Main article: Boneyard Downtown

Downtown is home to a nightclub, which was used in 2161 as a living space by the Blades and their friends.


Fo1 Boneyard Fortress

You want to buy good weapons and armor?

Main article: Fortress

On the eastern outskirts of the city lies the Gun Runner factory, where they first settled as weapons manufacturers around 2161. Surrounded by a moat of radioactive fluid, the Gun Runners sell high quality firearms and ammunition, but are limited in their trading due to the nest of deathclaws to their west.


Fo1 Boneyard Library

We sell peace

Main article: Boneyard Library

A former public library lies west of Downtown, home to the Followers of the Apocalypse, a peaceful community that migrated into the city sometime before 2161 and settled in the library, dedicating themselves to spreading enlightenment and preventing war. By 2281, they established a Medical University within city limits and are single-mindedly dedicated to spreading knowledge across the wastes.


Fo1 Ripper Warehouse

Watch out for deathclaws!

Main article: Deathclaw warehouse

Between Downtown and the Fortress lies a destroyed warehouse, that was once home to the Rippers, before deathclaws wiped them out and occupied the building as their lair, becoming a scourge on the area by 2161.


Irvine was a pre-War city in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Santa Monica[]

Santa Monica was the location of Vaults 31, 32, and 33. The area seems completely abandoned and turned to desert, although the remains of its iconic pier can be seen.


The center of pre-War America's film industry, the area suffered a red scare leading to the blacklisting of various industry figures. After the War, the area seems to be largely deserted; some sections have fully desertified, while others are green but heavily irradiated.


A post-war settlement built out of an old junkyard containing old cars and plane parts. Despite the collapse of the NCR, it was a thriving merchant community including Ma June's sundries. The area is split into a wooded outer area and a downtown built in a crater-like depression.

Filly did not allow ghouls into the settlement, though they seemed not to take issue with the presence of Brotherhood members. Despite this, the Brotherhood forcefully occupied the town, with the residents of Filly fighting back before being beaten into submission.

Griffith Observatory[]

By 2296, Griffith Observatory had been turned into a settlement by remnants of the NCR hoping to rebuild their country. They were led by Lee Moldaver, a pre-War scientist who is suggested to have become a prominent NCR figure post-War. The area had been fortified with junk walls and anti-air defense guns, and included a small farm for food. A cold fusion generator had been installed that when given its last component could grant unlimited energy to the LA Boneyard.

Though Moldaver was able to complete the generator, the Brotherhood soon assaulted the observatory. The NCR remnants gave a brave defense but the Brotherhood victory was swift, leaving them in control of the cold fusion reactor that was now powering the entire Boneyard.

Los Angeles Airport[]

While the main structures of the airport still stand, the area around it has largely desertified. Lucy and Wilzig attempted to cross past it when fleeing from Filly. The wasteland included a crashed Soviet satellite the two took brief shelter at.

Brotherhood recruitment posters can be seen at the airport in the credit sequence of the episode, alongside vertibirds and corpses in power armor.

Super Duper Mart[]

This ruined Super-Duper Mart store was located in downtown Los Angeles, in the vicinity of Santa Monica Boulevard. A large area in front of the store has been reduced to a vast crater, presumably by one of the nuclear bombs that struck during the Great War.

As of 2296, the store had been repurposed as the center of an organ harvesting operation that was under the protection of a gang styling themselves as the "Govermint." The operation was overseen by two dealers who handled transactions, as well as a medical Mister Handy called Snip Snip who the dealers used to handle all of the actual grunt work, including operating on the organ "donors." Ghouls and feral ghouls were also kept prisoner in the store to have their organs harvested later, while the store also had a large inventory of vials for sale.

The organ-harvesting business was destroyed when Lucy MacLean managed to escape from Snip Snip's attempt to harvest her organs and manipulate him to force the dealers to release their prisoners. The released feral ghouls and the two dealers promptly wiped each out, while Lucy was forced to kill the last feral ghoul, the first life she had ever taken.[12] Sheriffs of the "government" arrived later and found the Ghoul lying amidst the other corpses. As Lucy had long since left, the sheriffs blamed the Ghoul for destroying the "legitimate business."

The "Govermint" then blamed the Ghoul formerly known as Cooper Howard for destroying the operation.

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The Boneyard appears in Fallout and is mentioned in Fallout 2, Fallout: New Vegas, Honest Hearts, Fallout 4, the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders. The city also appears in some capacity in the Fallout TV series, as Vault 33 is located within Los Angeles.


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Los Angeles Boneyard
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