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You are quite simply the talk of the casino right now with your astonishing play. Do stay in our Bon Vivant suite so you may continue to dazzle us.

The Bon Vivant suite is a room in the Ultra-Luxe casino. The Courier is given the Bon Vivant suite key by a White Glove member for winning 11,250 chips in the casino.


The Bon Vivant suite can be found by going through the bathhouse into the hotel rooms and then going through the second door on the right. To the left of the entrance is a sitting area with a table in the middle. To the right is a queen sized bed, with wardrobe and suitcase containers.

Towards the rear of the suite is another queen sized bed and some wardrobe containers. Both beds can be slept on. To the left is a bathroom. The toilet and sink have radiation-free water.


  • The containers do not reset but are considered owned and highlighted in red. Taking from the suite is considered stealing.
  • Sleeping in either of the queen sized beds does not give the Well Rested XP bonus.


The Bon Vivant suite appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

Bon Vivant is a French expression that can be translated to mean "one who lives well."