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Bolton Greens is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia.


Once a private school for the children of the elite of Appalachia, the establishment was defined by its motto, "Nec Plus Ultra" ("Nothing Can Be Better").[1] Children had access to state-of-the-art facilities, such as a nine-hole golf course, a fully-staffed horse riding stable, yachting excursions, a robust art program, unique team-building exercises, and intensive business seminars, with its daycare program believed to be one of the most prestigious on the eastern seaboard. Under Thurston Wellingham, children were subjected to a variety of exercises, including wine tasting (provided with samples of several different vintages of wine, none below thirty dollars a bottle) and business keynote speeches by such notable figures as Daniel Hornwright.[2]

The expense of running such an establishment was subsidized by fees required for tuition and special events, such as yachting, although finances to permit these events were running low.[3] The last Halloween Gala before the Great War was planned to feature the Appalachian Philharmonic Orchestra to entertain guests dining in the luxurious function hall, enjoying cuisine from some of the finest chefs and receiving a complimentary gift basket at the end.[4]

After the Great War, the Greens became the stronghold of the Gourmands, a cannibal raider tribe.[5] Large, well-positioned, and relatively remote, it was perfect for staging raids on caravans and abducting humans to kill and consume. The automated robotic chefs were essential to preparing the human bodies, as they accepted any meat as long as the raw meat was placed in the kitchen.[6] The raider warband eventually started to unravel after their leader, Morris, and Edie, started killing and eating their own.[7] Exiled from the group, they were sent east, into the mountains, with orders among the rest of the raiders to kill them on sight should they return.[8]


This location consists of a large manor house with a very overgrown nine-hole golf course to the southwest. A dried-out fountain sits in the center of the circular driveway and a Whitespring shuttle bus sits in front of the front entrance on the southeast side of the building. The front entrance is flanked by tall columns and two stone lions.

First floor

The front entrance opens out into a large lobby with a reception desk to the left and a sitting area with a fireplace to the right. The facility director's terminal sits behind the reception desk with a telephone, typewriter, and .44 pistol. There is also a locked wall safe (Picklock 2) behind the desk. There are several meat bags here, both on the floor and in laundry carts. A set of double doors leads straight from the main entrance to a large dining area, a door beside the reception desk leads to a pool room and a flight of stairs leads up to the second floor.

The pool room contains a pool table and a few chairs. There are pool balls and a rack on the table. Another door to the northeast leads to the swimming pool area.

The main dining room has been half set up for a party and Billingsley is here overseeing matters. There is catering equipment against the walls and a jukebox in the corner. A door to the southeast leads back outside and a door to the northeast with an "Employees Only" sign leads to a kitchen.

The kitchen contains standard equipment and supplies. This includes two fridges, three recipes, some spices, and a cooking station. However, blood is spattered on the walls and counters. A locked door (Picklock 0) to the southeast leads to a small office area with file cabinets and golfing equipment (including a golf outfit and golf skirt). There is a terminal on a desk and a locked wall safe (Picklock 1) which contains some loot. The kitchen also contains a hole in the wall to the northwest which leads to a pool area.

The swimming pool is filled with toxic water. Corpses lie on patio chairs around the edges and there are several life preservers available for uncertain swimmers. Two locker rooms with showers are to the northeast - both contain meatbags, blood, and corpse parts. There is a locked door (Picklock 2) near the hole in the wall to the kitchen. It leads outside to a playground with a Port-A-Diner.

Second floor

The second floor can be accessed via a set of stairs in the building’s reception area. This floor overlooks the dining room below, with a few couches and display cases set against the walls. The main feature of this floor is an arcade in the northeast section. It contains assorted arcade machines including pinball machines and a jukebox. "The children must be saved" is painted in red on the wall behind some of the machines. Besides the arcade is another set of stairs leading to the building's top floor.

Third floor

The third floor contains the main living spaces. At the top of the stairs is a door leading to the bathroom. The bathroom contains a Teddy Fear overseeing a gruesome scene - a skeleton lying in a blood-filled bathtub with a shovel stuck in a pile of innards beside it.

The other room on this floor is a bedroom containing four bunk beds. There are some toys lying around the room, including three board games (Catch the Commie, Autopsy, and Unstoppables!) on some shelves, a souvenir sloth toy, a chessboard, and an intact Giddyup Buttercup on the landing outside the room. A trunk sits next to a non-functional television and a first aid sits in front of a fireplace in the southwest wall.

Notable loot

  • Magnus Westbrooke's holotape - Holotape, next to the facility director's terminal at the front desk.
  • Morris Stevens' holotape - Holotape, on a desk in the room with the Gourmand's terminal, off the kitchen.
  • Gourmands note - Note, upstairs, in the green room with the firepit.
  • Five potential Vault-Tec bobbleheads:
    • Outside the mansion, near the playground, in the baby stroller by the green bench.
    • On the roof, on a corner of the small set of stairs flanking both sides, near an ammo box and footlocker.
    • On the first floor, behind a locked door in the kitchen, in the room with the Gourmands' terminal.
    • On the arcade side of the second floor, on an ornate side table by the balcony railing.
    • In the upstairs bedroom with the large brick fireplace, in the western corner, on the small round table with the two burgundy chairs.
  • Three potential magazines:
    • In the front entryway by the stroller and bicycle, on the main reception counter, near the telephone.
    • In the golf course reception near the kitchen access, under the window, on the shelf of the last counter by the light blue waste bin.
    • In the upstairs bedroom, on the lower bunk bed, closest to the sofa, cabinet, and fireplace along the west wall.
  • Stealth Boy - In a glass display case on the second floor of the function room, accessed by the lobby staircase.
  • Potential armor mod - On the east end of the roof, in a lower section overlooking the playground, on a stone pedestal near a raider corpse.
  • Two potential weapon mods:
    • In the upstairs bedroom, next to the green steamer trunk, on a shelf of the tall cabinet.
    • In the golf course reception near the kitchen access, on a filing cabinet near the door.
  • Three potential recipes in the kitchen:
    • In the middle of the kitchen, on the table
    • Near the boarded up door, on the metal shelf.
    • On the counter near the sink.


Bolton Greens appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

On a stone wall outside of Bolton Greens, there is a piece of graffiti depicting a mob killing a Robobrain. It was inspired by the quest Magnum Opus being cut, a quest which would have involved the Robobrain character Vincent May-Lilly at Watoga High School.[Non-canon 1]


Notable loot