The bobby pin box is a miscellaneous item in Fallout 4.


When picked up, this item gives the player character a small, random amount of bobby pins.

There are three ways to transfer a bobby pin box to the inventory without the box being consumed:

  • Commanding a companion to pick up a bobby pin box will result in the actual box being placed in the companion's inventory.
  • Bobby pin boxes may also spawn in containers as random loot and can be transferred to the inventory without being broken up into individual pins.
  • Storing a bobby pin box in the world using the settlement editor will place the box as an item into the workshop inventory.

If a bobby pin box is stuck in the one's inventory, dropping it on the ground and picking it up again will add the individual pins to one's inventory, and the box will be consumed.

The text on the box is partly obscured but appears to say "Hair Pin" on the left side and "Bobby Pin" on the right.


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